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article imageOp-Ed: What's the Rush Arianna Huffington?

By PTBartman     May 23, 2008 in Politics
In today's Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington calls for Democrats to “stop yelling at Hillary to stand down and start yelling at the “super delegates” to stand up.” In what is basically an anti-Hillary hatchet piece she says...
"It's time for the uncommitted 'super delegates' to stop their dithering, come out of hiding, hop off the fence, endorse Obama and officially bring this nominating process to an end."
She says she understands there are still three more primaries to go but she feels there is nothing that is going to happen in Puerto Rico or South Dakota or Montana that is going to convince Hillary to leave the race. Ms. Huffington may be right about that, but that's irrelevant.
She goes on to make the argument that there is also no reason for the super delegates to wait until the bye laws and rules committee meeting on May 31 with enough additional pledged delegates from Michigan and Florida to overtake Obama. Again, irrelevant.
You see, either Ms. Huffington is being disingenuous in pressuring “super delegates” to support her candidate, or she has no clue how the process works.
She forgot to tell you one important factor: Delegates are only pledged to their respective candidates through the first ballot. Once the first ballot is over, if neither of the candidates secures the required number of delegates, the delegates are then free to vote their conscience.
The primary system is a trial by fire. So far, both candidates have been tested. So far, both candidates have been found wanting. If Senator Obama doesn't receive the required 50 more delegates to secure the nomination on the first ballot the delegates may then choose him or Senator Clinton or even somebody not even declared to be in the race. Former Vice President Al Gore comes to mind as does former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley or somebody nobody has even thought of yet. That's the process, that's the way it works.
So maybe it isn't time for Hillary to stand down. Nor is it time for the “super delegates” to stand up. Maybe it's just time for Arianna Huffington to shut up.
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