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article imageBritish MI5 Agent Resigns After Wife Linked to Political Sex Scandal

By Nikki Weingartner     May 23, 2008 in World
Sex scandals and government officials in the United States is an ever present issue but its not often that sexual corruption in other countries makes headline news. An unnamed MI5 agent resigned due to his wife's connection in a sex sting operation.
The MI5, being responsible for Britain's national security, was said to have been involved in a sting operation where just last month, revealed some pretty interesting extracurricular activities involving the president of the International Automobile Federation, Max Mosley.
Mosley, a 68 year-old man who has direct family ties to Adolf Hitler and is the son of Britain's fascist leader from the 1930s, Oswald Mosley, was video taped in an orgy with five prostitutes engaged in sexual role play. So whats the deal?
It was five hours of a recorded sex scene where Mosley staged a concentration camp reenactment of an underground torture chamber with the prostitutes. Mosley was both a guard and an inmate in his ill thought out sex production. The video and an article about it all were published in the News of the World newspaper and on its Web site on March 30.
One of the prostitutes in the video with Mosley was the wife of the MI5 agent.
As far as the agency's involvement in the sting operation, they are denying both any involvement in the sting operation and any set up to "bust" their own agent:
"Any suggestion that the service was involved in setting up Mosley is total nonsense," the Times quotes a senior Whitehall official as saying.
although a unanimous MI5 agent did confirm the resignation of the linked agent:
An unnamed MI5 official refused to identify the officer whose wife was involved, but confirmed that he had resigned. "I cannot talk about individual cases,"
In light of the Formula One Racing event this weekend scheduled in Monaco, where Mosley resides, the Royal family has asked Mosley to keep a low profile and have made it clear to not represent the organization in any official capacity.
Mosley continues to fight for his place in the Federation, claiming that his presence is important and that without him, they may "lose control of Formula One racing".
Were the actions of the MI5 agent noble, specifically if he did not know of her prostitution? And if so, should Mosley step down from his position or continue fighting?
Another interesting scandal that rocks the world.
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