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article imageObama Gains The Endorsement From The United Mine Workers of America

By Can Tran     May 21, 2008 in Politics
While Democratic co-frontrunner Senator Hillary Clinton of New York has received much support from blue-collared Whites, co-frontrunner Senator Barack Obama of Illinois received a valuable union endorsement.
In what could be deemed another blow to the campaign of Democratic co-frontrunner Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, it has proven to be beneficial to co-frontrunner Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. Obama has received an endorsement from another union organization. This one had endorsed former Democratic hopeful and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards.
Now, this group is standing by Obama. On Wednesday, May 21, the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) had given its endorsement to Obama. This seems to be expected as Edwards has given Obama his endorsement in the previous week. According to the UMWA President Cecil Roberts, Obama shares the same values as the organization, its members, and their families.
According to UMWA, it represents many that work in the mining and coal industry. In a sheer sense of irony, West Virginia is a major coal mining and producing state. Clinton had crushed Obama in West Virginia. However, the victory in West Virginia barely affected the delegate count. As a result, Obama still leads Clinton in the delegate race.
There is the sheer sense of irony in Clinton’s victory. Clinton wins big in a major coal mining state only to have a major mining union endorse Obama. This could also be perceived as a slap in the face to Clinton’s candidacy.
So far, the union explains that they will not support McCain. Roberts explains that McCain supported proposals he claims would end up cutting jobs in the coal industry, let alone coal jobs in the Eastern area of the United States.
While Obama has picked up the endorsement from the UMWA, he also got the endorsement from the United Steelworkers Union. In short, Obama has gotten support from the steel workers and the coal workers. The United Steelworkers Union had given its backing to Edwards.
In short, Edwards’ endorsement of Obama was more than valuable. Obama ended up with half of Edwards’ superdelegates and two union endorsements. On the same day that Edwards gave his endorsement, the pro-choice group known as NARAL Pro-Choice America has also given its endorsement to Obama.
Obama’s campaign gets stronger while Clinton’s campaign struggles to stay afloat. Clinton insists she holds the popular vote. However, that claim is still up for debate. Despite the condition of the campaign, Clinton refuses to drop out.
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