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article imageWorld's Oldest Living Dog Found to be 200 Years Old

By Michelle Duffy     May 21, 2008 in World
Bella, a beautiful and still very much alive black Labrador living a humble life in the UK is said to be the oldest living canine in the world. Bought in 1982 by her owners, she was three years old then. In canine years, that makes her 200 years old now
As you can imagine, she is quiet and doesn't get around much these days, but then again, nor do her owners, David Richardson, 76, and Daisy Cooper, (also of a similar age) but despite their golden years, it has not stopped this mature couple trying to convince the world that here beloved dog is in fact, 200 years old - in canine years, of course.
The beautiful and faithful Bella was bought from an RSPCA sanctuary by Mr Richardson 26 years ago. It was thought then that she was about three years old. So, the fact that she is still alive says an awful lot, however, the sad part of this tail (!) is that because the sanctuary where Bella originally came from doesn't have her paperwork anymore, the team at the Guinness World of Records can't submit her into their prestigious records. The dog may still be living, but the proof is in the paperwork.
The couple thought that their dog might be only the oldest dog in the UK, but were excited to learn that Bella may even be the oldest dog in the world.
So what does the old girl get up to theses days? Well, a walk in the park is just about her limit but she still enjoys a bit of fresh air in the car. She has only two of her own teeth left but this disability has not stopped her giving up her most favourite hobby - sucking sweets.
Bella came to Mr Richardson when he was 50 - he had wanted an Alsatian but was not allowed to have one due to his age and the amount of vigorous exercise they need. So he got lovable Bella instead and what a good match they were.
"My choice was between Bella and another dog. She seemed friendlier so I chose Bella..."
Speaking from the Guinness team, records manager Gareth Deaves told BBC news,
"...unless we can find some really clear evidence from the RSPCA" they would not be able to prove Bella's age."
Until now, the record was held by Butch, a 28 year old from the States who died in 2003, yet nothing so far has beaten Bluey's record of 29 years of age in Australia.
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