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article imageNatascha Kampusch To Josef Fritzl: You're A Lying Egotist, What You've Done is Sick

By Can Tran     May 15, 2008 in World
Natascha Kampusch, like Elisabeth Fritzl, was held captive in a cellar for a good number of years. Now, Kampusch has some words to say to Josef Fritzl.
Recently, Natascha Kampusch, a 20-year-old girl from Austria, has called Josef Fritzl a liar. Kampusch shares the same situation as Elisabeth Fritzl as they were both locked in a cellar for a number of years. However, Elisabeth Fritzl was imprisoned for twenty-four years. Kampusch was imprisoned for about eight years. Also, Brigitte Simy, her mother has been accused of being the one who concocted the plan for the kidnapping and detainment.
But Kampusch escaped. In the case of Elisabeth Fritzl, it came to light when the daughter Kerstin was brought to the hospital. After that, the cat came out of the bag. The horrible truth that Josef Fritzl had kept secret had come out of the closet.
However, the case of Kampusch tends to "pale" in comparison with the ordeal that Elisabeth Fritzl has gone through.
Kampusch now blasts Josef Fritzl. She called him a huge egoist that does not care about other people.
It is also outrageous that he now claims he loves his wife and his daughter! He is lying! Josef Fritzl only loves himself. What he has done is sick,” Kampusch said, continuing her offensive on Josef Fritzl.
One could say that Elisabeth Fritzl has a friend in Natasha Kampusch. Kampusch said that she wants to meet the family and offer help. Recently, Elisabeth Fritzl has written a letter of thanks to all of her well-wishers. Currently, Elisabeth and her children are being treated in Amstetten, which is west of Vienna.
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