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Op-Ed: In Which Direction Should We Go, Then?

By Mark L Harvey     May 15, 2008 in Politics
I have made mention, casually, on the "wrong direction" meme as presented by so many in the camps of the socialist liberal. I believe that they referred to one of those loaded and charged polls designed to deceive.
However, I also believe that the country is going in the wrong direction.
As the politicians that make up the Party Leadership in the Democrat Party move more and more towards the dogma and tenets and the credo of Stalin or Lenin, the Party Leadership in the Republican Party move more and more to the Liberal Slant of 30 years ago. Either way, it is to the left of Conservatism which is entirely unacceptable.
As our politicians slide on the slippery slopes of the pathway to the Abyss of Obscurity, I would like them all to reconcile their actions with the United States Constitution. Clearly, they cannot because their actions are 180 degrees out of phase with our Constitution. Period. No longer are they the Delegate Representatives. They are the Politico Representatives or, at best a morphed form of the Politico, and they do what they feel is best regardless of the views of their constituents.
Having said that, there is always the danger of falling prey to a biased opinion poll. Opinion polls are exactly that...opinions, derived from skewed questions and politicians should ignore those for what they are...garbage. Opinions of the Judiciary are also opinions and are not law yet, our cowardly members which reside in DC allow the Judiciary opinions to become law. Thus, we have a Judiciary that has usurped the Legislative and Executive Branch powers and authority. No wonder the country is in such a mess. I suppose someone has forgotten to check and balance the run amok Judiciary at one point.
There are only two ways to go at this point. One way is to forget all about the United States Constitution and allow the Leftinistra to have their way and after a few decades of coast-to-coast soup lines folks will wake up and rebel. It will be too late by then but try they may. The other way to go is to return to our Constitution and determine where the politicians went wrong and fix it. Whatever cannot be reconciled by our Constitution needs to be herewith dispensed with.
Dennis Prager, published at Real Clear Politics and Front Page Magazine, asks this: "If On the Wrong Track, Why Go Left?" Indeed. And, as articulated by myself 1,000 or more times if I have said it once, if we are on the wrong track now, you haven't seen anything yet if the die-hard socialists have their way. Just ask Hillary or Obama. Not one single "point" they suggest can be reconciled with our Founding Documents. Not one. If you want Soviet style lifestyles, go ahead and vote them into power. Their emotionally charged garbage is clearly unsuited for one with aspiring leadership positions.
It will behoove all True American Patriots to read the article penned by Dennis Prager.
We hear and read the Leftinistra rambling on about how low GWB's approval ratings are and yet, they ignore that the current Congress holds an approval rating nearly half of GWB's. They are oddly silent about that, aren't they? What does that mean when Congress is at 11% and GWB is mid-twenties? Just curious. It could mean a typical Leftinistra Double Standard.
Frankly, I think Mr Prager was being too kind and thought it odd that he almost apologized for using the term "un-American". I take it one more step and make no apologies for my statements whatsoever. The Leftinistra are certainly not un-American. What they are is this; anti-Americanists.
[...] Furthermore, the economic plans of the Democrats to have the government take over health care and increase taxes will expand the power and reach of the state more than ever before, and will therefore make more Americans dependent upon the state than ever before. These are earthquakes in the American value system. If there are any values that can meaningfully be called "American," self-reliance and limited government are among them. The movement from self-reliance to reliance on the state is truly "un-American." For those who recoil at the use of this term, it must be noted that it in no way implies less love of America, let alone lack of patriotism. It simply states the obvious truth that self-reliance, individualism and limited government have been basic and distinguishing American values, and the Democrats and the left aim to undo those underpinnings of American civilization. [...]
As for Patriotism, I say that neither Barack or Hillary are True American Patriots. They cannot be True American Patriots because they want to begin the final stage and push for the United Socialist States of America. No True American Patriot would even think of such idiocy. Both Hillary and Obama are proponents of Saul Alinsky. That alone should raise the Red Flag, no pun intended.
And now, recently, Barack has taken to wearing an American Flag lapel pin. I take issue with that due to his motive(s). He once said that he didn't wear it because Americans wear their "patriotism on their sleeves", whatever that means. He also doesn't stand at attention or place his RIGHT hand over his heart during the National Anthem because people at baseball stadiums don't either. He said it isn't a big deal. Well, if it isn't a big deal, do it.
Warner Todd Huston has some things to say about these kinds of polls and he is right on target. Only the foolish, emotional and easily led will accept these ignorant polls as gospel.
Yes, the USA is on the wrong track and the correct track is the "right" track.
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