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article imageOp-Ed: The Change Is Here Ready Or Not

By KJ Mullins     May 14, 2008 in World
Is Mother Earth doing a clearing out? 2008 has begun as a very deadly year. Between war, famine and natural disasters thousands have already died this year and it's not even summer yet.
The Myanmar cyclone death count could be as high as 127,990.
At least 10,000 people have died in China this week from a massive earthquake.
That's roughly 138,000 people gone from the planet just this week in one big swoop.
Countless dead from the Iraqi and Afghanistan Wars.
Hand, foot, mouth disease killing children in China.
What's going on? Is this a result of global warming? Humans not able to play nicely in the world wide playpen?
As the world begins the mourning process for Mayamar and China's dead has anyone asked why so many dead in such a short period of time?
The world at times seems to do a global clearing. Remember the Black Death? As millions exited the planet change and renewal came forth. Are we at the brink of a new age of awareness?
Some may say we're in the end of days but could we be at the beginning of a whole new age?
The world is changing rapidly. As it changes are we keeping up? Globally there is a conscience effort to give back to this rock we call home. It's slow but the process is progressing.
Each day brings forth new discoveries of how to treat different illnesses and yet thousands die from extreme hunger. We have famines that are making the rich richer and the poor dead. Are we lacking progress or simply lacking the morals to give to our brothers?
Worldwide there are religious conflicts. Each one claims to be the way, the most peaceful, the most they gun down others who do not see things their way. Is this progress?
To my eyes the world is spinning wildly and we are at the foot of some huge changes. These changes won't be happening just in our children's lifetimes but ours as well. Are we ready?
It doesn't matter if we are as the changes will take place regardless.
Hang on Human Race, we're about to go on a bumpy ride.
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