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OpEd: Al Qaeda Declares War on Hezbollah in Lebanon

By Johnny Simpson     May 10, 2008 in World
After watching Hezbollah torment their Sunni captives on Al-Manar TV in Beirut, Al Qaeda has called on their operatives to go to Lebanon and defend the 'Sunni Community' and all that implies. I've been looking for a downside to all this. Well, not really.
In response to the terrorist warriors of Hezbollah flaunting the Geneva Convention and humiliating blindfolded Sunni captives on Lebanese TV, Al Qaeda has issued a worldwide alert on their jihadi webistes for all available operatives to go to Lebanon to defend their Sunni 'brothers'.
That shouldn't be all that hard to do. If you recall, the Lebanese Army engaged in a bloody conflict last November to drive the Al Qaeda-affiliated Fatah al-Islam from the Palestinian refugee camps where they were holed up. You can be sure Al Qaeda still has a solid presence in the country.
The question is, what's next on the menu? Al Qaeda jihadis taking out Hezbollah jihadis with IEDs, RPGs and suicide bombers? Beheadings of Shiite Hezbollah captives with cries of 'Allah Akbar'? Videotape of it all on Al Jazeera?
Will Hezbollah turn their suicide bombers primed for missions against Israel on to Al Qaeda, Fatah al-Islam and other radical Sunni forces?
Will either side claim the other is violating international treaties and conventions? Who will AP, AFP and Reuters side with, Hezbollah or Al Qaeda? Tough pick for Al Jazeera, yes?
The only thing that keeps me from jumping for joy is that a lot of innocent Lebanese civilians will no doubt pay the price as well.
Then again, both sides may be looking to curry favor with the natives. There's a lot more guns than just Al Qaeda's and Hezbollah's in Lebanon.
Maybe they'll just target each other and not harm any civilians. Against their better nature.
In that instance, they can kill as many of each other as they like. The more the better. Save us the job.
If they do that and keep the killing to Hezbollah and Al Qaeda terrorists only, I couldn't be happier if it was 1942 and the Germans and Japanese went at each others' throats.
The big question for me is, will this all bleed over into other arenas? Will Al Qaeda in Iraq turn on Hezbollah in Iraq? Will tensions flare between Shiite Iranians and Sunni Taliban and Al Qaeda on Iran's borders with Afghanistan and Iraq? It's very likely, since Al Qaeda will no doubt lay the blame for what happened in Lebanon on Iran's doorstep.
One can only hope. Still, I like what I hear so far.
The worst terrorist organizations in the world plotting to kill each other instead of us, and now having to look over their shoulders for a change.
Kind of like a dream, isn't it?
I almost want to click my heels three times and see if it's really real.
Let the Hezbollah/Al Qaeda Jihad begin!
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