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Police Remove Catheter From Connecticut Man

By Gar Swaffar     May 10, 2008 in Crime
It's bad enough to have a catheter in the first place, but to have it ripped out by the police? That is not standard operating procedure, is it?
A gentleman in Hartford, Connecticut returned home from the hospital after surgery to find the Police searching his apartment for the second time on Feb 28, during the course of the apartment search, the Police apparently forcefully removed the catheter at that time and then left Glover at the apartment.
No calls from the Police for assistance for Glover, no warrants to search the apartment, no real reason to be there.
The official reasoning appears to be that Glovers neighbors were involved with child pornography and child abuse. Seems a person needs to be a bit more careful about who their neighbors are in Hartford these days.
Mr Glover has retained an attorney and said he intends to sue the city of Hartford for the actions of its Police.
The bottom line is that the police had no warrant for the search, no probable cause, Mr. Glover was never charged with a crime, and has no prior criminal record. Hartford it would seem is looking at a payout for this one.
Glovers neighbors Harold Spurling and Jeffrey Brisson on the other hand have been charged with sexual assault on a child three months of age who was found in their apartment and are also being charged with making movies detailing child pornography.
Guilt by association is the apparent motive for the searches of Mr. Glovers residence.
And having the police remove the catheter....that's just plain wrong and had to hurt, a lot.
What were they thinking?
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