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New 'Villain' Cast for 'Heroes' Season 3: Villains

By Can Tran     May 9, 2008 in Entertainment
Recently, some new characters have been introduced for the upcoming third season of “Heroes.” Brant Grant will make her appearance as Daphne on its third season called “Villains.”
New characters have been cast for “Heroes” season three which is titled as “Villains.” “Villains” was originally supposed to be part of season two of Heroes. However, the second season was cut short by the inevitable Writer’s Guild Strike. Now, Villains is still up in production.
There have already been a few villains cast. For those that have been keeping track of Heroes through the graphic novels and other tidbits should already be familiar with what had happened at the end of season two. As an avid fan of Heroes, I myself have kept track.
Heroes season three which is titled “Villains” revolves around just that: villains. So far, this will revolve around a cadre of villains. Recurring villains will include Adam Monroe/Takezo Kensei who is portrayed by David Anders and Gabriel Gray/Sylar who is portrayed by Zachary Quinto. Christine Rose, who plays Angela Petrelli is also revealed to be a villain. The creators have said that Peter Petrelli has already displayed Angela’s power once.
There is a high chance that Peter’s precognitive dreams could be Angela’s ability.
Back in January, one villain was already cast. Jamie Hector had been cast as the villain known as Benjamin “Knox” Washington or simply Knox. It is unknown what power Knox has. But, judging by one of the trailers, Knox may have superhuman strength. It would fit the character design of Knox having the “eyes of a predator.”
He is supposed to be the man antagonist of Micah Sanders who is portrayed by Noah Gray-Cabey and Monica Dawson who is portrayed by Dana Davis.
In season 1, there was one main villain, Sylar. And then there was the organization that could be deemed an antagonist. In season 2, Takezo Kensei became the villain known as Adam Monroe.
Recently, a new “villain” has been cast. Brea Grant has been cast as the role of Daphne, a woman that has been endowed with superhuman speed. There is a sense of cliché as Daphne will be cast as the foil to Hiro Nakamura who is portrayed by Masi Oka.
Anybody familiar with Heroes should already know that Hiro is trying to become a hero and that he can bend time/space to freeze time, teleport, and time-travel. Also, Hiro has to follow the noble path. Personality-wise and ability-wise, Daphne is to be the polar opposite of Hiro.
Days before the announcement, Daphne’s previous name would be Joy. So far, she can still move while Hiro stops time. Not much is known about Daphne at the moment. Before getting cast as Daphne, Grant portrayed the high school student Jean in “Friday Night Lights.”
There are still several months away before the three-hour season premier of Heroes Season 3: Villains. Hopefully, there will be some insight on Daphne in the graphic novels which come out every Tuesday.
One by one, we should end up seeing who the villains are in season 3.
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