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American Catholic Sex Abuse Extends To Prisons

By Can Tran     May 6, 2008 in World
In the midst of the sexual abuse scandals within the American Catholic clergy, the magnitude of it all has extended towards the US prison system.
Several weeks ago, the issue of sexual abuse let alone sexual abuse within the American Catholic clergy was brought up during the visit from Pope Benedict XVI. Benedict said that the sexual abuse scandal was disgraceful and damaged the reputation of the Catholic Church. One victim of sexual abuse was one of a few that had the chance to speak his mind to Pope Benedict XVI.
This seemed to be a prelude as it looks as if sexual abuse has become a major topic in the world let alone in the United States. While the issue of sex abuse within the American Catholic clergy has made headlines, there was the case of the FLDS. And recently, there has been the case of sexual abuse and incest in Austria.
Now, it would look as if the American Catholic sex scandal has extended to US prisons. Recently, Vincent Inametti, an American Catholic priest of Nigerian origin has been sentenced to two years behind bars in a federal prison. Inametti worked as at the Federal Medical Centre Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.
Back in November, he pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual abuse that have taken place at that women’s prison. The judge said that Inametti will face a higher authority. Both women were serving under as his wards.
One became involved in the choir and the other worked as a clerk for the religious services department.
This is one sign that after the Pope’s visit, sexual abuse in the American Catholic clergy is one issue that will not go away that instantly. In this regard, the case of Inametti gives off an indication that there will be more cases that will come out in the open.
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