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Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry Turns Fatal

By Owen Weldon     May 5, 2008 in Crime
A woman who is a New York Yankees fan has been charged with second-degree murder because she allegedly rammed her car into a group of people outside a New Hampshire bar. The incident left one Boston Red Sox fan dead.
The woman is Ivonne Hernandez, 43, and she was arraigned on charges of reckless second-degree murder and drunken driving charges and she did not enter a plea at the Hillsborough District Court.
Matthew Beaudoin, 29, was one of the people who was struck early on Friday by Hernandez's vehicle and that left him dead. The incident occurred because there was an altercation in a parking lot that involved fans of the rival teams.
Hernandez, at first, was charged with two counts of felony reckless conduct but after Beaudoin died one of the charges was increased.
On Friday the state Attorney General's Office released a statement and said that one of the pedestrians suffered only minor injuries but the second pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries.
Beaudoin died because of his injuries after he was transported to a Massachusetts hospital.
Prosecutors did not release a lot of details but they did say that words were exchanged outside a bar behind Nashua City Hall on Friday morning between a group that Beaudoin was in and Hernandez.
Hernandez had a Yankees sticker on her car and some remarks were made about the sticker and that is when she drove her car into the group, according to prosecutors.
Assistant Attorney General Susan Morrell said that the young man was struck by her car and he went right into her vehicle's windshield and when the car hit a parking meter he was thrown into the middle of the street and suffered massive head trauma, which killed him.
Hernandez had a 200 feet head start before she rammed into the group and she was accelerating at a high speed, according to Morrell. Hernandez responded back and said that she thought that the group was going to get out of the way and she was just trying to scare them.
Hernandez admitted to police that she did have an argument with the group and she was arrested at the scene of the crime by police.
One person in Beaudoin's group started to yell negative things when the Yankees sticker was spotted, according to a local bartender, and that is what probably started the whole thing.
Everyone likes baseball but they don't go and kill someone who yells negative things about their team. Does this woman not know that America is at war with two countries and that the Red Sox and Yankees feud is nothing compared to that. Maybe if people started to act this passionately towards gas prices and the wars it might make the government listen.
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