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Op-Ed: Rabid Drunken Yankees Fan Runs Over Two Red Sox Fans, Killing One

By Johnny Simpson     May 5, 2008 in Crime
Drunken Bombers fan Ivonne Hernandez gave a whole new meaning to the term 'Yankee Killer' after mowing down two Red Sox fans who taunted her in a bar not five blocks from my house in Nashua, NH, killing one. In New York, for sure. But this is just wrong.
Yankees Suck Video - Maker In Hiding With Geert Wilders and Salman Rushide
NASHUA, NH - Call it 'Field of Screams.' The Ultimate Rivalry just went to the next level.
You know, it's bad enough Tom Brady wears a Yankees cap in the Big Apple.
On second thought, maybe it's just the sports world's version of the Mafia 'protection' racket:
'Wear da hat and yer safe, Tom. You put one a doze Sox caps on, well, I can't say yer family'll get hurt, but I cant say as dey won't, either.'
Just Do It, Tom.
And if Ivonne Hernandez is any indicator of Yankees Mania, I'd wear it in Boston too, Tom.
Red Sox fans will only give you dirty looks, Big Guy. Yankees fans will kill you.
See, here's the deal. Matthew Bowdoin, 29, and Maria Hughes, 21, just part of a group of rowdy Red Sox fans from the sound of it, must have gotten into it with Yankees fanatic Ms. Hernandez, 43, in Slade's Food and Spirits on 5 West Hollis Street in Nashua, NH.
So she ran from the bar under the withering verbal assault, then waited outside in Slade's parking lot, car and Yankee rage running at Fever Pitch, when the unfortunate Mr. Bowdoin and Ms. Hughes emerged.
It's not stated if anyone heard Ms. Hernandez shout "I got yer Yankees Suck right here!" before gunning the car and running the two hapless taunters down with significantly more impact than A-Rod running into Jason Varitek at home plate.
At game's end, it was Hernandez 2, Sox Fans 0.
Matthew Bowdoin died of his injuries, which included 'extensive head and brain trauma'. Maria Hughes suffered minor injuries.
As for Ms. Hernandez, it's off to the showers with reckless second-degree murder charges, as well as one count of aggravated driving while intoxicated and two counts of reckless conduct.
No word yet on whether her sentence will include compulsory viewing of Red Sox games on the New England Sports Network, but I have a feeling the guards will be blasting the radio broadcasts at least.
There have also been other reports of Red Sox fans paying the ultimate price for the ultimate rivalry.
During the 2004 Sox-Yanks playoffs, Julio Rodriguez, 58, of Lawrence, shot Jose Rivera, 33, of Lowell, and two other men while they rode home from watching a game at a bar in Lynn, Massachusetts.
Rivera died a short time later. Elizabeth Dunigan, who prosecuted the case, said in court that Rodriguez, a Yankees fan, was drunk and tired of being "teased" about Boston's win that night.
No word if Mr. Rodriguez was any relation to the infamous Yankees third baseman, but it seems clear they're at least blood brothers now.
Other long-suffering Red Sox fans have been doing most of the suffering short of murder as well.
Last October, a Quincy, Massachusetts man was beaten in Yonkers, N.Y. over the Red Sox jersey he was wearing.
In all honesty, if he was wearing a Red Sox jersey in Yonkers he deserved a beating, if for nothing more than pure stupidity.
But as Ms. Hernandez and Mr. Rodriguez clearly illustrated, the danger does not begin and end inside New York state.
On the flip side, a man in Cambridge was beaten for wearing a Yankees cap at a Central Square bar.
Again, the edge in this rivalry goes to the Yankees.
Two murders, two shootings, a beating and a rundown compared to one beating over a Yankees cap isn't really that much of a rivalry at all.
Kinda like comparing twenty-six championships to seven.
Not than I'm suggesting anything violent. Just the opposite.
Because as a Red Sox fan myself, I'm hanging up my Yankee Hater cap and taking it easy on the 'Yankees Suck' chants.
I'm not going to wind up like Theo van Gogh, butchered on my own streets with a Yankees cap stuck to my chest with a knife.
Islamic Jihadis I can handle. Yankees fans are another matter entirely.
I think I'll just be content to watch the games from here out.
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