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article imageOp-Ed: Clinton Turning Out To Be Far More Wily Politician Than Obama

By Johnny Simpson     May 3, 2008 in Politics
Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are in ad wars over the proposed federal gas tax moratorium. Although the political reality is its chances of passing are near-dead, it may be affecting the polls. And it may also be revealing of Obama's inexperience.
The top video is Hillary's Gas Tax ad. The bottom is Obama's. You tell me which is more politically effective and resonant with voters.
More on the story, from MyWay:
'Hillary Rodham Clinton called for a vote Friday in the Democratic-controlled Congress on a summertime suspension of the federal gasoline tax, a plan that Barack Obama dismissed as a political stunt that would cost thousands of construction jobs.
"It's a Shell game. Literally," Obama said to laughter from his campaign audience, adding it would mean little for hard-pressed consumers.'
He added that the average consumer would save a "quarter and a nickel" a day, and only $28 in three months.
The point is really moot, politically. And Obama seems to be missing that larger point.
More, from MyWay:
'Within the congressional leadership, Clinton's position has found relatively little support, and no votes are currently anticipated in either the House or Senate.
"First of all, there is no reason to believe that any moratorium on the gas tax will be passed on to the consumer," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters on Thursday.
"This has not been the history of a lower gas tax being passed on to the consumer. Second of all, it would defeat everything that we have been trying to do to lower the cost of oil."
It's hard to figure out Ms. Pelosi's reasoning on how suspending the gas tax would not help consumers. It is also hard to see how Obama's claim of lowering the gas tax would affect construction jobs, as material transportation to construction sites figures greatly into the cost.
Republican John McCain is also for the gas tax moratorium. It is also the popular position, a point that seems to elude Obama..
Most people in the trucking and transportation industries have been screaming for relief. Some Independents have struck, and many have even convoyed to rally in the Capitol.
And Obama's reluctance on the issue may be hurting him and helping Hillary in the polls, which so far point toward a particularly close finish in Indiana, which is next door to Obama's home state of Illinois.
Surveys also show him with a dwindling advantage in North Carolina, and Clinton decided to spend all of Friday and Saturday in the state before returning to Indiana for a final push.
This is a win-win situation for Hillary and a no-brain loser for Obama. It is a classic example of one politician gaining an edge over another on what in reality is a non-issue, since the odds of any gas tax suspension in Congress are a lot higher than prices at the pumps.
This may be yet another glaring example of Obama's inexperience showing in his campaign.
When Geraldine Ferraro made her infamous comment that Obama wouldn't be where he was if he was white, Hillary wasted no time in throwing her under the bus. There are no friends in politics, and both of them know that.
Obama didn't, and his reluctance to eject Wright completely from his life when Wright's heinous racial and conspiratorial rants first exploded onto the public scene may have cost him not only significant portions of the 'typical white vote', it may yet cost him the nomination.
Hillary may have a lot of character flaws, but being an inexperienced and un-savvy politician isn't one of them.
In this humble DJ's opinion, the same cannot be said of Barack Obama, who continues to make one political mistake after another.
After all, knowing that the gas tax would most likely never pass as he must have, why would he not take the popular position on the subject?
He had everything to gain and nothing to lose. And he blew it.
And that pretty much sums up every misstep of Barack Obama's political campaign for the past three months. No matter how much Hillary screws up, be it SniperGate or the Weather Underground pardons Bill made in his last hours of office, Obama always seems to be right there to pull her out of the fire and cast himself in.
They are the stumbling missteps of an inexperienced politician out of his league.
Or out of Hillary's league, I should say.
I'm loving all this. Aren't you?
Can't wait for the convention!
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