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article imageDo the Right Thing and Shut Up, Spike Lee Tells Rev. Wright

By Johnny Simpson     May 3, 2008 in Politics
"The more he opens his mouth, the more damage he does," Director Spike Lee said of Jeremiah Wright, the Chicago pastor who has been a thorn in the side of Democrat frontrunner Barack Obama. "It looks like he's being paid to keep talking."
Famed director Spike Lee has decided to join in the Obama/Wright fray.
Besides telling Jeremiah Wright to keep his big trap shut, Lee hinted at a political conspiracy behind Wright's recent, contentious attempts to justify his remarks.
"Jeremiah Wight needs to be quiet," Lee said yesterday. "If he loves Obama he needs to shut up right now. It makes me question his motives for talking. I'm starting to wonder whether somebody has been contributing to the building funds of his church. Seriously."
Lee, whose best-known films have frequently tackled the issue of race relations in the US, believes that Obama had hoped to survive the presidential contest without talking about race. "But now he's been forced to - by a combination of Jeremiah Wright and the Clintons," he said.
The director of Malcolm X and When the Levees Broke is an ardent Obama supporter. "I love him," he said. "He's a unifier. He's the one who can get us out of the situation we're in today, because this country is going to hell in a handcart."
"The way the US is viewed around the world is at its lowest point ever," he claimed. "But Obama will change everything," Spike added.
Spike is not alone. Many black pastors have spoken out against Wright as well, saying the Reverend's inflammatory rhetoric is undermining racial reconciliation in America.
Strangely enough, even Al Sharpton has applauded Obama's recent throwing of Wright under the political bus, calling it a "profile in courage."
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