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Zip My DooDah - Electric Speed

By Gar Swaffar     May 2, 2008 in Environment
I like sports cars, I like fast sports cars, I like the new Tesla Roadster electric model for a number of reasons. First it is quiet!
The new Tesla Roadster is a very flashy car, looks nice, and runs absolutely silent. Did I mention it does 0-60 m.p.h. in four seconds?
As sports cars go, that may not be quite the match of something like a Porsche 911 Targa or a Lamborghini (anything) but the numbers are respectable for a car that has everything you might want in a car of this type. Granted I wouldn't be able to haul manure in the car, I might not get three of my close buddies in it for a drive to a 49ers football game. But I really like the idea of a perfectly quiet car.
It would be easy to tout the "green" of the car, but being green isn't a bad thing, it just isn't my focus. I like things that work the way they are intended to. This reporter is trying to set up a test drive of my own, and when it happens - forget the article, I'll be out cruising the byways of California.
The You Tube video is typical ad hype but does show some footage of the car and how quiet it runs.
And I would venture a guess that this might be how the green revolution can be made to work, not by guilt association, but by finding products which do the job in a superlative fashion and just happen to be green also.
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