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article imagePolygamist's Sons: Incest Will Bring Back The Line Of Jesus Christ

By Susan Duclos     May 1, 2008 in Lifestyle
Alaric LeBaron, tells 5, "My dad is a religious fanatic, and he believes in this. He believes that incest is going to bring back the line of Jesus Christ."
Ross LeBaron, Jr's three sons broke away from the polygamist lifestyle and claim that their father is impregnating their sister and claim to have the DNA evidence to prove it.
Ross LeBaron, Jr is a wealthy Utah man and three of his sons, David Uri LeBaron, Elend LeBaron and Alaric LeBaron (He is an Air Force doctor in Afghanistan so his comments were made via the phone), all tell a disturbing tale of their fathers belief that "incest is going to bring back the line of Jesus Christ."
According to David, one of his sisters has bore four children and his other sister has bore one. All three sons had saliva tests done and had the DNA compared to two of their sisters' young children.
David says, "Both of them, from our understanding, show that the father of those children were male members of the family", he continues, "We've done DNA testing. We know what's going on, and we're here to find a way to put an end to it."
The three sons say Ross LeBaron is a polygamist and may have spiritually married his own daughter, their sister. They're convinced he impregnated her four times because of a fundamentalist belief called the "pure seed doctrine." They're going public because they're worried that Utah incest law may prevent anyone involved from being prosecuted.
The brothers are worried for their younger sister, who is 15 years old, and believe that when she turns 18, she will also be used to breed incestuously.
"The concept that he has superior genetics, superior intelligence, if you will, due to his direct lineage of Jesus Christ," David said.
When Ross LeBaron, Jr. was interviewed by Mike Watkiss of Phoenix station KTVK and asked if impregnated his daughters, he denied it and when questioned further he tried to turn the cameras off.
It is reported that off-camera, he said that if he did impregnate his daughter, it was because his wife performed artificial insemination.
The sons do not believe that but think that the laws must be changed to make incestuous pregnancy illegal, regardless of how it was achieved.
Another son Wayne, who still follows in his father's footsteps told reporters, "Whether we choose to engage in that is a private matter, but I personally believe that the combination of out-marrying for genetic diversity and inter-marrying to fix beneficial traits can be beneficial for the right individuals"
David said, "Through either that union or another inbreeding union, that they would create the future Savior, so to speak." He says the family believes it would create something like a reincarnation of the Savior.
Iron County Attorney Scott Garrett tells reporters that there is an active investigation going on but it may take another couple of months, therefore he could not provide any more details.
Utah law states (page 6 of PDF file) that it is a third-degree felony to have sexual intercourse with someone who is an ancestor, descendant, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece. Marriages between first cousins are prohibited unless the couple is 55 and sterile or over the age of 65.
This is not the first time the LaBaron family has been in the news. Laurie (LaBaron) Allen told her story in a film called "Banking on Heaven", where she described, in detail, her experiences with Ross LaBaron as well as being kidnapped and growing up in a polygamist compound.
Laurie Allen was born into the infamous and violent LeBaron polygamous sect. Her uncle Ervil LeBaron killed 28 people, and became known as the Mormon Manson. Her cousin Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron is on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
She has been interviewed on The Early Show, ABC, Geraldo, Larry King Live and many others and portions of her story have been shown on Montel Williams, Oprah, and countless other shows.
You can read more about the LaBaron family at Wikipedia.
You can find out more about Consanguinity aka inbreeding and birth defects at Health
An example of the defects that are caused by inbreeding within polygamist families was reported in 2005 by the Phoenix News Times.
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