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article imageBest Talent Ever On American Idol: Only Four Contestants Remaining

By Nikki Weingartner     May 1, 2008 in Entertainment
In a show that embodies true singing talent geared for the mainstream American genre of music listeners, this season's American Idol has been Solid Gold as far as talent. With only four fantastic voices and performers remaining, who will it be?
As the competition, or as the ever articulate Simon Cowell says "combutishun", comes to a battle of the talents on American Idol, public voters are casting their favs and crossing their fingers.
In last night's elimination of 24-year-old Brooke White, the acoustic guitar playing hippy who cried as she tried to sing Neil Diamond's I Am...I Said gave up mid song, her heart too broken to finish. The other four contestants shared her tears and supported her as they walked on stage and put their arms around the heartbroken natural beauty.
As an annual follower of Idol since its debut, this season has been been the best as far as talent. With the toughest eliminations going for the show as round one kicking off talents who surpassed Idol winners in seasons past, the winner for this season will surely be a sound for sore ears!
Neil Diamond, who hosted this week's talent's song choices and gave an award winning performance himself slammed Cowell's crudeness towards the contestants and told them to never give up if it is something they love, despite Simon's rude comments.
Other greats on the show have been Mariah Carey and Dolly Parton, both of whom brought the house down and sent chills up the spines of many with their performances and with the personal training they gave to the Idol contestants.
Only four left (In alphabetical order):
David Archuleta, his big 'ol voice in that little boy face. Wow. This teen can sing.
Jason Castro, with those super long dreads, this Texas dude puts a Latino Caribbean twist on just about everything. Makes you want to light the tiki's, lay in the hammock, pour a cold one over a slice of lime and beat the bongos. I am surprised he is still standing and Brooke is gone but his good looks probably won out over the voters when the talents were held equal (remember Sanjiah?).
David Cook, that unsurpassed, hasn't made a mistake, next American Idol winner hands down, can sing the label off of a can of soup guy - not to mention his rugged good looks.
Syesha Mercado, with her sultry voice and unique style, she has some work but only a perfectionist can find flaw in her voice (Simon).
If it were up to me, I'm for Cook, Mercado, Archuleta and Castro in that order. Do I vote? You bet ya!
As for Simon, he is spot on every single time. Rude? No. Honest? Yes. This is a talent contest. Not a show about how nice one can be. If one is lacking the mental capacity to know they are unable to carry a note, then honesty, is indeed, the best policy.
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