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article imageScientists Bring Up Fighting World Hunger vs. Fighting Gas Prices Argument

By Can Tran     Apr 30, 2008 in Environment
On the issue of world hunger and food prices, several top scientists have linked the world food crisis with the use of food-based bio-fuels. One example of a common bio-fuel is corn ethanol.
United States President George W. Bush and tome of the top international scientists are at odds with one another on the issue of bio-fuels and world hunger. While Bush said that the use and production of ethanol should be increased, scientists said the opposite. Bush explained that the increased use of ethanol would combat the high gas prices along with improving the country’s national security.
There is weight to be carried. So far, a barrel of oil costs between $110 and $120 at this moment. In addition, several of the biggest oil producing states is located in the Middle East.
Those two reasons warrant the initiative for alternative fuels such as bio-fuels like corn ethanol. However, some of the top scientists of the world have argued that food-based bio-fuels are not the way to go. They say that the halt of the use and production of corn-ethanol would shave off the price of corn by twenty percent.
The scientists are part of the global network known as CGIAR that uses science to fight the epidemic of world hunger. Those scientists feel that food such as corn and soybeans should be used to combat world hunger and not be converted into bio-fuels. While there is the need for alternative fuel sources, those top scientists of the world also bring forth a strong argument.
It brings the matter of food versus fuel. On one end of the spectrum, food based bio-fuels seems to be the way to go. However, there is the argument brought forth by scientists that those crops are better used to help those that suffer from world hunger. So far, it is revealed that the US is the biggest producer of bio-fuels.
Those at CGIAR said that non-grain crops should be converted into bio-fuel. One scientist said that we have to fill our tummies before we feed our vehicles. However, there is still the dilemma in choosing between fighting high gas prices and fighting against world hunger.
This argument could possibly emerge as a future debate topic in the general election race. Recently, Democratic frontrunners Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, and presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain have clashed over a gas-tax holiday.
It looks to be inevitable that the food vs. fuel argument will be debated upon in the future before the US presidential elections.
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