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article imageTwo Victims Of Rape Tell Their Stories

By Debra Myers     Apr 30, 2008 in Crime
In New York, there are two local counties where the likelihood of getting raped is high. Two rape victims from Steuben and Chemung counties have offered to come forward and tell their stories. Their names have been changed to protect them.
Elmira, NY - This morning, I did a story Rapes More Likely In Two NY Counties. The New York Department of Criminal Justice released their findings, which stated that two local counties, Steuben and Chemung, are listed as being the counties where you are most like to get raped, falling at number two and number five, respectively.
Tonight, two young woman have offered to come forward and share their stories about their experiences with sexual violence. As a warning, there are some mildly graphic descriptions.
"Janie" is twenty-six years old. She had been dating her attacker a couple of months before he snapped one night after drinking. She tells that for four and a half hours, he tortured her, raped and then beat her.
“If I didn't answer them how he liked, he would punch me in the face. If I cried, he'd punch me in the face,” says “Janie”
Luckily, between her DNA samples and her testimony, her attacker was sent to prison for ten years.
"Kelly" has a different story to tell. Her attacker was her own step-father. The abuse began when she was 8-years old. The rapes always happened when her mother was gone from the home. She said that she was so young that she didn't know that what he was doing was wrong. “He had a game where he would eat right here and that's how it started,” says “Kelly.” “It happened a million times.”
In the end, her step-dad received thirteen years in prison.
Steuben County District Attorney John Tunney told WETM 18 that, “Essentially we are all more at risk from those who we know than from those whom we don't know.”
This is a sad truth. As a final thought, the Rape Crisis of the Southern Tier offers this:
Rape is never a victims fault, and you can reduce the chances that you will be raped. Studies show people with positive self esteem are less apt to be vulnerable to sexual violence.
(These statistics only include female victims. Rape can also happen between two males, and as such, the statistics don't include any incidents that might have happened at Elmira Correctional Facility.)
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