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article imageBush Attacks Democratic Congress During Press Conference

By Dave Giza     Apr 29, 2008 in Politics
President George W. Bush had a news conference at the Rose Garden of the White House today where he blamed the Democrats in Congress for failing to pass his proposals to help the nation's ailing economy.
During President Bush's news conference at the White House's Rose Garden, he continually lambasted the Democrats in Congress for failing to vote on and ultimately, pass his economic proposals. He refused to say that the economy is in a recession and would let the economists make that determination.
President Bush also stated that we are making progress in Afghanistan and felt confident that John McCain would be his successor. Bush believes that McCain would be a good steward regarding the global war on terror and wouldn't shirk responsibilities.
Bush wouldn't directly comment on former president Jimmy Carter's meeting with leaders of the Palestinian group Hamas. However, he reiterated his opposition to meeting with them saying that they are trying to undermine the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
President Bush began his press conference with this opening salvo against the Congress: ''It's a tough time for our economy. Across our country, many Americans are understandably anxious about issues affecting their pocketbook, from gas and food prices to mortgage and tuition bills. They're looking to their elected leaders in Congress for action. Unfortunately, on many of these issues, all they're getting is delay.''
Bush criticized Democrats in Congress for blocking legislation that would authorize oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge of northeastern Alaska. He also mentioned that the United States hasn't built an oil refinery in more than 30 years. Democrats have also impeded legislation for this to occur as well. They have also blocked efforts to increase domestic electricity production by opposing nuclear power.
He also attacked the Democrats for considering a farm bill that would increase subsidies to ''multimillionaire gentleman farmers'' without helping regular farmers.
Bush was noncommittal with regard to a question by a reporter concerning a moratorium on federal taxes for gasoline and diesel fuel.
14 Senate Republicans urged Bush to stop the purchasing of oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. In his news conference, Bush dismissed their suggestion by saying that the purchases of 67,000 to 68,000 barrels of oil a day to fill the reserve don't affect global demand. ''He also said it was in the U.S. national interest to fill the reserve in case of a ''major disruption'' in crude oil supplies, such as an al-Qaeda attack on oil facilities.''
He stated clearly and strongly that Hamas is the culprit regarding problems in the Middle East. When pressed by reporters regarding Carter's meeting with the leaders of Hamas, Bush basically said that actions speak louder than words and the real answer would be in how Hamas behaves in the future. So far, they have produced nothing but chaos.
The Democrats in Congress were quick to dispute Bush's assertions. They accused Bush and his congressional Republican cronies for giving tax breaks to oil companies. The Democrats want them to roll back the tax breaks so tax credits can be enacted for companies that produce renewable energy resources such as solar, wind and hydroelectricity.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had this to say regarding the mortgage crisis and what the Republicans did regarding Democratic proposals: ''The president and congressional Republicans blocked a Democratic plan to help as many as 600,000 homeowners facing foreclosure by extending bankruptcy protections, instead favoring ''voluntary programs that help far too few.''
Currently, the Consumer Confidence Index is at its weakest level since March 2003, which, ironically, was the beginning of the Iraqi invasion by the United States. The index is now at 62.3 which is down from 65.9 in March.
Housing prices continue to drop. Home prices in 20 cities fell by 12.7 percent in February compared to last year. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also said that Bush's policies have led to the current economic condition and his Administration has been neglectful of the housing crisis; the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs; an inadequate energy policy; lack of affordable health care and having tax policies that have led to more economic inequality.
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