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article imageOp-Ed: Are We In Danger Of Losing The Right To Believe?

By KJ Mullins     Apr 27, 2008 in World
Are we beginning to ride a slippery slope to a world where personal beliefs are not tolerated? As insane as that statement appears to be with the current world issues seem to point at religion being used to abuse others.
The removals of children from a religious sect, the crimes of church officials against children, Tibetan monks protesting, the Olympic torch being protested and religion based terrorism is it only time before all religions are banned world wide?
That future would see believers of every faith criminals. It was foretold in the Christian Bible in the Book of Revelations that when the anti-Christ rules the world only the religion of one would reign. Was a prediction to keep early Christians in "line" on the verge of becoming a reality?
If you think about it the impact of a world without internal bickering over who's God is the right one it makes perfect sense. Each belief is set up to disagree with all others. Inside of each belief lays the groundwork for individual sects to further disagree. Global peace in this context will never be achieved.
And yet.
To take away the beliefs of a person is taking away a very important personal freedom. It does not work. Nazi Germany is an example of what happens when toleration is outlawed. The list of countries that have used genocide is endless. At the core of all genocide is taking away personal spiritual beliefs.
Humans seem to not be programmed to achieve this dream of global peace. Even if religion was removed there would be other issues that would take it's place.
There is no answer. There never was meant to be. It is a flaw in human nature. As much as peace throughout the world is a dream it is chasing at windmills until each person can believe what they want to and honestly allow their neighbour to believe what they want without conflict.
Martin Luther Jr. had a dream that children of all skin colours could play together in peace. In many ways that has begun. The new dream is that all adult child can hold hands with each other no matter what belief they share.
It is just a dream.
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