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8-year-old boy charged with aggravated battery for hitting his teacher

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 26, 2008 in Crime
A boy in Fort Myers, Florida, has been charged with aggravated battery for hitting his classmates and his teacher over a set of crayons.
The 8-year-old boy is about 4 feet tall and weighs about 70 pounds, and got into trouble after a fight with his classmates over a box of crayons. He began hitting the classmates and also hit the teacher, who was trying to break up the fight.
The Royal Palm Exceptional School called the police and arrested him. The female teacher ended up with bruises on her face.
Dorothy Williams, the boy’s grandmother, is upset with this incident. She told WBBH-TV:
If he was overpowering her that much, I feel like she shouldn't be in that line of work…If she can't deal with him, put him in someone else's classroom. If it's a male, whatever, and let them restrain him.
Dorothy praised the school for her grandson’s education but questioned the teacher’s disciplinary methods.
The WBBH TV reporter asked her, “What's the appropriate way for a teacher to restrain your son? By touching him?”
Dorothy replied, “Yes. If that's what she's got to do, she's got to do that”.
The boy is apologetic for his actions and said when he meets the teacher the next time, he is going to apologize.
Before that apology, he will face the Lee County Judge, who will determine whether to go ahead with the felony charge.
I think the punishment is excessive; all he needs some good talk from both the family and the school’s principal. If he continues the bad behavior, he can be expelled. But a felony crime at this age will significantly affect his future and this incident doesn’t deserve it.
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