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article imageTerror Fundraiser no 'Friend' of Michelle Obama, DJ Credited with Hot News Tip

By Johnny Simpson     Apr 25, 2008 in Politics
Michelle Obama's 'Friend' name is gone from terrorist fundraiser Hatem El-Hady's Obama web page. UPDATE: LGF, Michelle Malkin credit DJ Mad King with hot news tip. UPDATE: Mr. El-Hady's web page now vanished from Obama campaign site. No explanation given.
UPDATE: This story hasn't caught fire just yet, but I did get the 'hat tip' for it at Little Green Footballs, where it is now the header story (and linked to DJ from there). So it does look like I caught this one first. Timing must have been perfect.
2ND UPDATE: Michelle Malkin now also credits this DJ Journalist with the scoop.
This is all about Michelle Obama's name disappearing as a self-chosen 'friend' of Mr. El-Hady from his page at Barack Obama's campaign website when she was listed there yesterday. And it all happened in the dead of night. I just happened to click on it at the right moment in time. See how it breaks over the next day or two.
The original story and links:
Here's El-Hady's Obama campaign site web page from before, then after.
The second link ties directly to Mr. El-Hady's official Obama campaign web page.
For as long as it's there, that is.
UPDATE: Hatem El-Hady's web page has now vanished from the Obama campaign website. No explanations given.
Here's some rather disturbing background on Mr. El-Hady from Front Page Magazine.
And here's the link for the original February 19, 2006 Fox News story of the Treasury takedown of Mr. El-Hady's Kindhearts Foundation.
Charles Johnson at LGF literally has an army of bloggers feeding him this kind of stuff all the time. Like say, proof by typesetting experts that the Dan Rather TANG docs were fake. Or that AP, AFP and Reuters were pushing off PhotoShopped pictures of the Israeli-Lebanon War in 2006 as real, not to mention staging casualty scenes in cahoots with Hezbollah.
LGF, by the way, broke both those stories. If Dan Rather, AP, AFP and Reuters can blame anyone for the major public fallout from them, it's LGF.
With all the controversy surrounding both Hillary and Obama's ties to unrepentant Weather Underground terrorists, I expect sooner or later this El-Hady story will also be thrown in the fire, if not by Hillary now, then definitely by the Republicans later. This isn't Ayers from 40 years ago. This guy El-Hady was involved with HAMAS as recently as 2006. That we know of.
Also, a quick follow up to another story that broke yesterday. I had written the following statement in an OpEd from Thursday:
'By the way, I haven't heard of any actual filing of a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood against Lila Rose.'
(Background: Lila pulled an undercover sting op on PP. She visited and caught on purse-cam two LA clinic counselors advising her, a '15-year-old,' to lie about her age in an admitted statutory rape by her 23-year-old 'boyfriend.' The story generated a lot of bad pub, Planned Parenthood threatened to sue her.).
'Perhaps their lawyers are too busy battling individual and class action lawsuits brought against the organization claiming violations of abortion parental notification laws, overcharging the State of California for contraceptives, or even failing to report a case of incest by a 16-year-old Ohio girl who claimed repeated sexual assaults by her own father that had been occurring since she was twelve.'
'Or scrambling to preserve Congressional funding after Dr. Alveda King, niece of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, called Planned Parenthood a "racist organization" with a "racist agenda" and joined with others in the black community to call on Congress to terminate all federal funding to Planned Parenthood.'
That story same broke wide on Fox News Online well after my OpEd on the subject too. Looks like many black religious and civil leaders are calling on Congress to investigate PP and cut their federal funding worth up to $300M.
This story is yet another liberal nightmare pitting minorities against women.
I was ahead of the curve twice in one day. See how it all plays out. Regards, TMK.
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