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Romanian Well Digger Obviously Needs To Find A More Stimulating Line Of Work

By Pamela Jean     Apr 19, 2008 in Crime
One would assume this 24 year old Romanian well digger had some sort of mental issues. Not so according to investigators, who have charged him with making 6,442 profane calls to the local 112 emergency phone lines.
Seems someone had a serious issue with the 112 emergency operators.....and according to police that someone is a 24 year old residing in a southern village of Romania.
According to police, 6,442 phone calls were received from a pre-paid cellular phone. The calls were placed between the months of November and January. The caller would harass and swear at the operators on the other end of the line. Attempts to trace the calls failed, as the current system is unable to immediately identify the location of cellphone users.
The young man denies he is the culprit. Reports, however, indicate that his mother stated that he is a loner and spent inordinate amounts of time on the phone, although she had no idea who he would have been conversing with. Following the check up conducted in April which determined the man is of sound mind, he has been fined $223 for his dialing misdeed.
I think this poor guy needs a friend. Either that or a more stimulating line of work. Digging wells all day might have a tendency to cause a person to build up some internal frustrations. That combined with still living at home with mom might make anyone want to tell someone where to shove it.
Whom better than a 112 emergency operator?
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