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article imageAnd 'The Dumb Doper Award' Goes To Malcom Williams Of Dotham, Alabama

By Pamela Jean     Apr 19, 2008 in Crime
Malcom Williams, 51 was reporting in to his probation officer. Following standard procedure he was asked to remove all of his personal items from his pockets before stepping through the courthouse metal detectors. What did Malcom pull from his pockets?
Apparently Malcom Williams isn't the brightest bulb on the tree, as they say.
Winning this weeks "Dumb Doper Award" (the first I might add) is stoner Malcom Williams, aged 51 of Dotham, Alabama.
It would appear at first glance that Malcom was making an effort to walk the straight and narrow. Apparently he was out of jail and on probation. He was following protocol by arriving at the courthouse on the required date to meet with his parole officer, and also pay some additional fines he had accrued.
When asked to empty his pockets he reached in and pulled out the usual belongings - keys, coins and - hey, what's that? There in his hand, along with his juicy fruit gum and tic tacs were two, yes two, bags of marijuana. Stunned by his obviously moronic actions Malcom attempted to flee the scene but was quickly apprehended by the Sheriff's deputies. His hands were shackled as opposed to handcuffed due to the fact that one arm was in a cast being supported by a sling.
Houston County Sheriff's Capt. Antonio Gonzalez seemed to take pity on the poor dope, saying Friday "Every now and then you have somebody who forgets what he had in his pockets."
Malcom's forgetfulness has landed him right back in the Houston County Jail without bond for violating his probation. He pleaded guilty to felony third-degree escape in April 2007, according to court records.
Maybe Malcom would be wise to lay off the pot for awhile - it might improve his memory.
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