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article imageExpelled: No Intelligence Allowed - The Must See Film of 2008

By Joe Vannicola     Apr 19, 2008 in Entertainment
I once thought that the scientific community was a place where free thinking was encouraged. After all isn't theory and experimentation the basis of all of sciences important discoveries? Not according to Ben Steins EXPELLED: NO INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED.
In this thought provoking film, we are shown a scientific establishment which stubbornly clings to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution while dismissing the idea of creationism or intelligent design. This august body of academia has no qualms about ruining the careers and reputations of the chemists, biologists, astronomers and philosophers whom refuse to remain in lock step with Darwin's idea of random mutation and natural selection. As Richard Sternberg, one of the victims of this shocking witch hunt stated," I was viewed as an intellectual terrorist."
Ben Stein interviews scientists such as Richard Dawkins, who wrote The God Delusion,
biologist and atheist blogger PZ Meyers, among others, who believe that a large majority of Americans are simpletons who believe in a fairy tale. These are the kind of elitists who wish
to force their etched in stone beliefs on others while squelching any other beliefs or ideas which aren't compatible with theirs.
Unlike the majority of films we've been subjected to so far this year with their wafer thin story lines, non stop action sequences and latest state of the art special effects, EXPELLED is a
documentary that is both controversial and powerful. Especially in the scenes where Stein parallels the wall placed by the scientific community forcibly ostracizing those who dare disagree with their atheistic mind set with the building of the Berlin Wall.
Stein even travels to Germany where he visits an insane asylum where the Nazi's destroyed
the retarded and the infirm as a method of creating the master race, then walks though the
concentration camp at Dachau where Hitler exterminated millions of Jews in his belief of
natural selection; which mirrors the theories that Charles Darwin espoused years before
the Nazi Party was created.
As Stein says at one point in the movie," Big Science in this area has lost it's way. Scientists are supposed to be allowed to follow the evidence wherever it may lead, no matter what the implications are. Freedom of inquiry has been greatly compromised, and this is not only anti-American, it's anti-science. It's anti-the whole concept of learning."
Told with wit and insight, EXPELLED is an important movie and thus needs to be seen in hopes of waking us up to the dangers of suppression before more of our freedoms are taken away from us by those who adhere to the principal that they know more than the rest of society. Those seeking an action packed, brain dead, popcorn movie best look elsewhere.
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