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Psychiatrist Said Girls In The FDLS-Sect Too Young and Immature For Marriage

By Can Tran     Apr 18, 2008 in World
According to a child psychiatrist who had interviewed the children rescued from the polygamist sect compound in Central Texas, they had the notions of fear of eternal damnation drilled into their heads.
Bruce Perry was the child psychiatrist that was in charge of interviewing the children that were taken from the Central Texas ranch owned by Warren Steed Jeffs, which is a sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS). This is the radical sect of Mormonism which broke off from mainstream Mormonism in the 1980s. This group split off for they can practice polygamy, in which they believe is one of the ways to the highest path to Heaven.
Dealing with such cases is not new to Perry. According to Perry, he has worked with the families involved with such groups that are classified as cults. One such group would be the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas. However, Perry did say he also has experience in dealing with those that are part of the FLDS.
According to the critics of the FLDS, the girls are forced into marriage and motherhood at the age of 13. However, the sect members deny that abuse takes place. But, they had given the indication that the girls do marry at age 13 at the least. As a result, Perry had given the testimony that the girls are not mature enough to enter either marriage or a sexual relationship.
Barbara Walther, the judge presiding over this torrent of a child custody case has to determine whether or not the state of Texas acted properly in regards to the raid on April 4. So far, the raid was triggered by numerous phone calls.
Also, Angie Voss, a supervisor with child protection explained in her testimony that she came across several pregnant teenagers. She explained that the girls had the belief that it was acceptable to marry a man of any age. In short, a thirteen year old girl could marry a man who is eight-eight and consider it “acceptable” for example. This plays into the part of where the children are brainwashed.
Recently, a former sect member named Flora Jessop had given her story about how she escaped from one of the FLDS sects in Arizona. Now, she works with rescuing women and children from those sects. She explained that they have to be deprogrammed after getting rescued.
For that reason places like these communities are ideal hiding grounds for pedophiles. The men who do engage in such marriages can be classified as pedophiles under the law. However, it is not the case under the FLDS faith.
But, the leader is currently serving time after being convicted in 2007. Currently, Jeffs is also facing trial in Arizona.
In the case of Judge Walther, she will have to keep a tight grip on the proceedings given the amount of people in court along with the magnitude. So far, the mainstream Mormon group has no ties with the FLDS.
It would look like that this will be in the headlines for a good couple of weeks if not months. Potentially, this could be a possible debate topic between the presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona and the eventual Democratic nominee whether it be Senator Barack Obama of Illinois or Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.
This is highly unlikely the last we will be hearing of this case. The fallout has just begun.
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