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article imageAfter being together for three years another couple call it quits

By Cynthia Trowbridge     Apr 16, 2008 in Lifestyle
What seemed like true love between Horus and Hathor has apparently ended. They were together for three years as they attempted to have a family which failed. Now they have each found a new love.
Horus and Hathor have lived in Mount Clemens Michigan for three years and everyone thought they were life long partners. Their home was on the top of the old Macomb County Building.
You see they are peregrine falcons which normally mate for life. But it has been known there are times when they do swap partners.
So many people knew about the couple and tried to see if they would have a family that a Web cam was set up by Macomb County. They wanted to track the progress of Horus and Hathor as they tried to hatch and raise some chicks. In 2006 there were four eggs in their nest but none hatched. There were also four eggs last year with one that hatched but the chick only lived for a few days.
According to Kariann Anderson who is a peregrine observer for the Department of Natural Resources said "A lot of people are going to be sad. Everyone knew Horus and Hathor as a couple." the birds are identified by bands on their feet.
This spring, the female, Hathor returned to Mount Clemens with a new mate. She is six and her new mate is two. According to his ID tag his name is Nick and he had lived atop the Whittier Apartments in Detroit. He has now moved into Hathor's nest on the county building after he chased Horus off. The new couple now have four eggs in their nest. If the new couple have any luck the eggs should hatch around the middle of May.
Horus didn't spend too much time mourning his lost love. He is now living in another nest near the Wayne State University campus with an yet unidentified female.
Horus a beautiful falcon can be seen here
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