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article imageListen To Jackie: Peace Should Be Top Billing Of Olympics

By KJ Mullins     Apr 14, 2008 in Entertainment
Film star Jackie Chan thinks that instead of talking about politics people should be focusing on peace. The star believes that the Olympic games represent "unity, love and peace" instead of a platform for politics when asked at a premiere promotion.
The Beijing Olympics have become a breeding ground for protests in recent months as China's human rights record and Tibet have taken center stage. Instead of focusing on the bad Chan doesn't think the games should be used as a sounding board for the complaints.
They wish to find an outlet to voice their opinions, but I don't think they should use the Olympics to do so," Chan said after arriving with co-star Jet Li for Wednesday's world premiere of the film, inspired by the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West."
"I hope people do not mix sports with politics. This is wrong," said Chan. "I don't understand why people would want to destroy the Olympics."
Not only is Chan promoting the games with television commercials for Visa he recorded the official countdown song, "We Are Ready."
Chan's comments come as the torch approaches Beijing on the longest run in history. Twenty different nations will host a trek of the torch as it heads for it's spot at the games. While the torch is meant to build excitement for the games that showcase the best athletes from across the globe protests have marred it's path.
When Jet Li, a devoted follower of Tibetan Buddhism, was asked about his thoughts on the situation in Tibet he refused to comment.
"I'm sorry. You cannot ask these sort of questions. This is for a movie."
"Forbidden Kingdom" is the story of an American child's dream journey to ancient China. Along the way he meets many characters of Chinese mythology. Chan plays the Drunken Immortal and Li plays the Silent Monk. The movie has had a few rewrites to appease a more Western audience. It was thought that a kung fu fighting monkey would be too far-fetched for the North American audience.
Asked if those of a Chinese background would still be able to appreciate the story Chan responded with;
"They should be able to accept it," Chan said. "It's child's dream. ... It's just a dream!"
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