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article imageThe Slave Sex Trade Is Strong In Canada

By KJ Mullins     Apr 13, 2008 in Crime
Human trafficking in Canada is feared to be larger than what the RCMP is reporting. Officials figures stand at between 800 to 1,200 are treated as slaves for the sex trade. Activists say that figure could be up to 15,000.
Joy Smith, the Conservative vice-chair of the parliamentary committee on the status of women says that the figure that the RCMP is using stems from arrest reports. Those reports may be giving a misleading view into the reality of the human slave trade.
According to the United Nations 2.5 million people are traded as slaves worldwide. Sadly 1.2 of those are children being forced to use their bodies for the benefit of those who "own" them.
The RCMP has noted that there are several cases where girls from Canada have been taken out of the country and sold. It appears the most sought after Canadian girls are from Quebec.
"They have a reputation for being good in bed," said Lawrence-Thierry Bernard, a former candidate for the provincial Action democratique du Quebec. "They created a demand so recruiters began to recruit in Montreal."
Street gangs are using the Internet to make postings for overseas work. The postings are merely a lure to trap young women into a life of slavery and prostitution.
In Canada victims often do not know what their rights are and may be leery of the police because of illegal immigrant status.
"It's the crime of choice for criminal networks and enterprises because it's high-profit and low risk," said Laura Lederer, senior director for global projects at the U.S. State Department's office for human trafficking.
"So many countries have been focusing on drug trafficking... so traffickers have been moving over into this area where there are few laws and they're poorly enforced."
Sadly the crime of enslaving other human beings doesn't look like it's going away.
There is a commodification that is taking place of human beings," Leder said.
"Once that happens, you can buy or sell a person with no conscience."
And yes, this is the 21st century.
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