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Op-Ed: Once Upon a Time, Liberals Knew What They Stood For

By Brant David McLaughlin     Apr 10, 2008 in Politics
“Liberals” were much closer to what nowadays the prancing, preening politicians calling themselves “Liberals”—that means Democrats—call the wascally, wicked Wepublicans with thayw Vast Wight-Wing Conspiwacy.
Time was, we knew what “Liberals” really stood for. So did they.
Time was, “Liberals” were much closer to what nowadays the prancing, preening politicians calling themselves “Liberals”—that means Democrats—call the wascally, wicked Wepublicans with thayw Vast Wight-Wing Conspiwacy. Huhhuhuhuhuhuhu!
But the Liberals we have in the United States today are not the Liberals who dwell across the ocean on the alien shore known as Great Britain, who are what the Left in the United States call the wicked, vile Conservatives here.
Is this all making sense thus far?
When you decide that you never, ever, have anything to learn from other people who don’t have your when you decide that emotions or intentions are all that matter and facts and consequences and the wisdom of the ages and sages don’t matter, when you call regressing into an immature perfectionism which makes of your group members half-unborn souls chafing against their mothers, you become so right that you’re left. All puns intended.
That’s what we have in the United States today. After reason has fled, after passion is dead, all we have is what is Left.
What’s Left is nothing to do with Liberty, from which the word Liberal is derived.
What we have Left is Socialism, which is the very antipodal force of the Constitution of the United States, which the “conservatives”, as their name directly implies, try to conserve the values and principles described and set forth in the world’s greatest secular document.
The history of the world, right up to the present day, shows forth that Socialists only care about their own power and, just like with terrorists, they feel it is okay to lie and deceive as long as they further their ideology.
The problem with all ideologies is that they readily sacrifice people for the sake of a cause.
So, when I hear tell of The Black Guy and The Hillary engaging in utterly deceitful ways and words, I laugh. For they who call themselves Democrats are all Socialists.
When I hear tell that they both, while campaigning in Ohio, where the people greatly dread a recession, put down NAFTA, blamed it for most of America’s economic problems, and vowed to pressure the Congress to repeal it, I laugh.
Why do I laugh?
I laugh because Austan Goolsbee, a high ranking member of The Black Guy’s campaign, then whispered in the ears of the Canadian government that The Black Guy was just engaging in campaign talk and he didn't mean it.
I laugh because The Hillary's campaign advisor, Mark Penn, is said to have then advised Colombian diplomats in the ways and means of couring the U.S. Congress in order to assure passage of a new free-trade treaty. Penn has since been, uh, "reassigned".
The Black Guy and The Hillary have been having a horse-race with each other about which one of them can raise the white flag over the U.S. military and pull out of Iraq faster. They eat it up when their followers decry the U.S. “blood for oil war”.
I laugh harder.
I laugh because another Black Guy advisor quietly told the media that he would assess the situation on the ground once he took the Oval Office and consult with commanders in the field before deciding what, if anything, the pull-out move would be. Her name was Samantha Powers, and she has since been relieved of her powers.
Only an idiot—like Dennis Kucinich—at this point seriously believes that the United States is secretly stealing Iraq’s oil. Indeed, the Iraqis are transparently selling and profiting from their oil like never before, so much so that some Americans have suggested letting them foot a large part of the war bill from their black gold treasury. What’s more, the government of Iraq does not want the U.S. to leave yet. The more progress that gets made, the more they
I was never in favor of going to war in Iraq and I remain highly critical of it in certain aspects. But now that we are in it, we can and we must win. Once upon a time, American Liberals would have totally agreed, as they would have applauded the United States for spreading democracy to yet another part of the globe (indeed, they would not have even opposed the war).
But now it’s more important for the thinly disguised Socialist to court the votes of the delusional and the immature and those without an authentic Self. It’s important for them to be defeatists.
That’s why they have to be defeated.
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