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article imageImpressive Microsoft Surface Technology Demo in AT&T stores

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 3, 2008 in Technology
We have seen multi-touch features in Apple's iPhone and we're amazed at how well they perform just by touching the screen. But Microsoft Surface offers more than that, as they demonstrated their Surface computer at AT&T stores.

Review of Microsoft Surface Technology

AT&T Store Demo 1

AT&T Store Demo 2

AT&T Store Demo 3
Microsoft Surface is a new technology from Microsoft, a software and hardware technology that allows the user to manipulate the digital content in the screen either by natural motions of the arms or by hand gestures or by placing a physical object on the table-top.
The first video summarizes the best of Microsoft Surface technology, and the other three videos below shows how this technology is used in AT&T stores to demonstrate the various products they sell to their customers.
Microsoft Surface computer
AT&T will use Microsoft Surface computers to provide its retail store visitors an interactive, unique and cutting-edge way to learn about the growing universe of mobile applications and devices.
Photo courtesy Microsoft
It is an awesome presentation tool that we will be seeing more in the future. You can see all these functions performed at the AT&T store, which uses this Surface platform to educate their customers.
The customers can see whether the phone model is available at a location near their homes. They can choose from a variety of phone models and compare the different features all at one place. The customer can place a phone on the table and see what are the important features in that particular model. It will be a great tool for AT&T salesman and for the customers.
Microsoft plans to use this technology in hospitality businesses, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers and for military purposes.
AT&T will use this Microsoft Surface platform in select AT&T stores, and later the innovative product will be available in all of its stores.
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