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The G-Shot; Like Enzyte for Women

By Andi Bryant     Apr 2, 2008 in Health
For women with a normal and healthy sex life who might want a little more excitement, there is the G-Shot, or G-Spot Amplification -- a sexual enhancement technique for women involving human collagen injections.
Smiling Bob has even more reasons to grin. An article on reports that the UK Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Centre in London, and a basket full of facilities around the United States are performing a procedure called the G-Shot. The procedure, clinically referred to as the G-Spot Amplification, involves a quick shot of a numbing agent followed by an injection of human collagen to the front of the vaginal wall. The injected collagen plumps up a woman's Grafenburg-spot to roughly a quarter of an inch making it more accessible and much more sensitive.
So far, studies suggest that 87% of women who undergo the procedure are reporting 'enhanced sexual arousal and gratification'. But it doesn't come without its limitations. It is not recommended for women who sit for long periods of time, who are notoriously fast walkers, those who wear tight pants or have a habit of crossing their legs.
The shot, which is only intended for women who have a normal and healthy sex life wishing to make it even better, are spending around $1850 for the G-Shot, which lasts for roughly four months. The risks are bleeding, infection, reaction and failure to 'experience a benefit', and is not intended for sexually dysfunctional women.
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