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article imageOpEd: The Myth of 'Extremist Minorities' In Islam

By Johnny Simpson     Apr 2, 2008 in Politics
The Iranian Parliament opens each session with the prayer 'Death To America, Death To Israel.' The Grand Mufti of Syria threatens the Dutch people with 'unrest, riots and bloodshed.' Will such 'extremist minorities' bring the Apocalypse down on our heads?
NOTE: The above video is a compilation of clips from Iranian TV. Though not graphic, some of the words and images are disturbing, as are similar video clips from Hitler's Third Reich.
If you listen to prominent Islamic leaders around the world, or such influential public figures in the West as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair or US President George W. Bush, it is not the majority of Muslims who are to blame for the over 10,000 atrocities committed in the name of Allah since 9/11, but 'extremist minorities' who have hijacked The Religion of Peace.
In other words, their 'extremist minorities' are really no different than the basements full of skinheads getting drunk, surfing Aryan Supremacist websites or spray-painting the occasional swastika that we have to contend with in the West.
Speaking of President Bush, a recent Digital Journal entry 'Hamas Puppet Show Entertains Children By Killing President Bush' concerns a HAMAS-produced children's program which shows a puppet stabbing President Bush to death and turning the White House into a mosque. No doubt the 'moderates' of HAMAS will rein in the 'extremist minorities' in their midst and ban such heinous Hitler Youth-like children's programming as HAMAS Mickey, Nahoul The Bee, Assud The Jew-Eating Rabbit and said murderous puppet, all of which I happen to find far more offensive than 'Fitna.' But I digress.
I am willing to concede that the majority of the world's estimated 1.3 billion Muslims are truly peaceful, consider their religion a private matter as we do here in the West, and live by such noble Islamic sentiments as 'he who saves one life saves the world entire.' If they were all like Osama bin Laden or Abu musab al-Zarqawi we would truly be in a much bigger world of hurt vis-a-vis Islamist extremism than we already are.
Likewise, I am also willing to concede that the majority of citizens that lived in the nightmare of Hitler's Third Reich were 'Good Germans' repulsed at the ruthless persecution of the Jews, losing countless of their sons on the Russian front or watching Allied bombers reduce their precious cities to rubble as a result of their 'extremist minority.' Many brave and noble Germans risked their own lives to give Jews sanctuary or to speak out against the Nazis, as the famous 'White Rose' organization did. And let's not forget that many high-ranking military officers, like the renowned Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, lost their lives in the wake of the assassination bid on Hitler in July 1944.
And that leads us to the real problem we in the West face here. Many of the 'extremist minorities' in the Islamic world are heads of state like Mahmoud Amedinejad of Iran, who wield the considerable power and resources of the machinery of state from which to disseminate such radical Islamist ideologies as the genocide of the Jews, or finance the activities of their dark legions of jihadis and Islamist fifth columnists around the world. Or influential imams and clerics who hold sway over vast swaths of their constituencies like the Grand Mufti of Syria, who recently threatened the Dutch people over 'Fitna' from no less an esteemed pulpit than the podium of the EU Parliament:
“If there is unrest, bloodshed and violence after the broadcast of the Koran film, Wilders will be responsible.”
Belaying the fact the Grand Mufti should be back home in Syria using his erudite religious discourse to pacify the angry mobs in his own country, or that he used the all too familiar 'short skirt' argument that the victim is responsible for her own rape, why didn't the EU authorities present throw him in jail for hate speech and incitement to riot? The sad fact is, all too many of those EU 'diplomats' sound just like him, concurring that prior self-censorship of materials deemed 'un-Islamic' is the answer, and that any resultant acts of violence over the film are their own just desserts. More on that subject later.
First, some more 'voices of reason' from the 'moderate' leadership of the Islamic world. This from Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer in his OpEd 'Geert Wilders' Fitna: Insightful and Inciteful':
"The 57-nation strong Organization of the Islamic Conference condemned the film in “the strongest terms,” saying that it was “a deliberate act of discrimination against Muslims” designed to “provoke unrest and intolerance.”
'An Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman said: “We are of the view that the film has a racist flavour and is an insult to Islam, hidden under the cover of freedom of expression.”
'Arsalan Iftikhar, who has served as national legal director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), asserted that Fitna was “a direct attempt to incite violence from Muslims and help fan the flames of Islamophobia. Any reasonable person can see this is meant to spit in the face of Muslims and insult our religion.”
Mr. Spencer also points out the hypocrisy of the stomach-turning beheading videos being compiled and sold in DVD format, a compilation which became smash hits in Baghdad and Gaza. Yet Geert Wilders incorporates one of these videos into 'Fitna' and he is threatened with the same fate. What's wrong with this picture?
You all know the sad old story. The Muslim alligators roar, and their handlers in the West quickly throw them the red meat of subjugation, hoping that they themselves will not be eaten in the process. It is no different from the 'diplomacy' their predecessors of the League of Nations engaged in vis-a-vis Hitler: cower in fear, grant every concession asked, and hope to God that they would be the next victim to be devoured. I think we all know how that worked out.
The larger question here is which religion is to take precedence in the West, The Religion of Peace or the Religion of Freedom? Having seen how the Religion of Peace operates when given the full powers of state in such Islamic Republics as Iran, Syria, HAMAS-controlled Gaza, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, where a Saudi father beat and shot his daughter to death after catching her talking to a man on Facebook? Or where hundreds of young Saudi women in nightshirts were beaten back with sticks into their burning dormitory in Mecca by the religious police, who then chained the doors so none could escape and severly beat any 'inappropriately dressed' women who had? That particular incident cost the lives of fourteen young girls. On the positive side, they died with their virtue intact.
And that to me is a perfect analogy of the problem. The House of Islam is burning, set aflame by its own landlords. Their own populations burn within its chained doors, yet their answer to the problem is to threaten anyone who points out that seminal fact with yet more arsonists. Theo van Gogh illustrates in his documentary 'Submission' the brutality against women that is epidemic in the Muslim world and he is butchered in the streets of Holland for it. Yet to this day you can find Saudi television programming on such sites as MEMRI TV where Islamic 'scholars' have theological debates as to how far a 'good Muslim' can go in beating his wife as allowed by the Koran.
The problem isn't Geert Wilders' 'Fitna,' or Theo van Gogh's 'Submission,' or the Danish cartoons, or even Salman Rushdie's 'Satanic Verses,' the play version of which is being staged with heavy security under the threat of yet more Islamic violence in Germany. Having watched 'Fitna, I can only assume that Geert Wilders biggest problem wasn't trying to find enough footage of Islamist violence and terror justified by the Koran to scrape together and make a fifteen-minute video. It was trying to figure out which damning footage to use from the miles that are available.
I susbcribe to two equally supreme religions: Freedom and Humanity. I am highly offended by the brutal and vicious inhumanity that is rampant throughout the Islamic world, that is often sanctioned by the highest and most influential of religious and political authorities. Like the stoning or slow, torturous strangulation by crane wire of homosexuals and women in Iran, or the enslavement, torture, crucifixion and genocide of South Sudanese Christians by Omar al-Bashir of the Islamic goverment of Sudan, who has the unmitigated gall to proclaim Fitna a desecration of 'human values.' My perspective on what constitutes 'human values' is somewhat different from Bashir's, to say the least.
There is a lot we can do to combat this blatant hypocrisy and full frontal assault upon our freedoms and our persons, which I have elaborated to some length on in my OpEd 'Joining Geert Wilders In His Suicide Mission.' I have decided to join his fight. In these dark times, where our freedoms of speech and expression may be hanging by a precipitous thread, anything less would be, well, suicide.
Peace. Someday. Regards To All, The Mad King.
***NEWS UPDATE: Dr. Wafa Sultan, a Syrian-born American psychiatrist and renowned fierce critic of radical Islam, has now been forced to go into hiding for justifying the publication of the Danish cartoons as freedom of speech on Al Jazeera. It would seem the influential Egyptian Islamist Sheik al-Qaradawi has issued a fatwa against her.
The Islamist hit lists just keep on coming. No condemnation as of yet from the Islamic world on yet another Fatwa of Death being issued in the name of the Religion of Peace by an 'extremist minority.' The silence is, in fact, rather deafening.
You can find out a lot more about this incredibly courageous woman on YouTube and MEMRI TV.
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