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article imageOp-Ed: Joining Geert Wilders In His 'Suicide Mission'

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 31, 2008 in Politics
As 'Fitna' has so clearly illustrated, the Islamist guerilla war is not just being waged on distant battlefields. It is being waged in our streets, our media, our schools, our courts, our governments and even our churches. Here's how we can fight back.
If you are wondering why I have posted a video of HAMAS Mickey in the header of this OpEd, it is to illustrate in graphic terms the depth and breadth of the problem we face vis-a-vis radical Islam. It is not just 'extremist minorities' that we are up against, as we are led to believe by such influential public figures as UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Tony Blair and even US President George W. Bush.
The reality is, we are contending against the very considerable power of such radical Islamic states as Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah and many others in the Arab/Muslim world who are feeling their oats and have unlimited resources to finance and back not only the jihadis in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Palestinian Territories but the Islamist Fifth Columnists within our own societies.
More on that later. First, back to Fitna and Geert Wilders.
I would like to start with commentary on Geert Wilders and 'Fitna' by some of the more 'dauntless defenders of freedom' within our ranks. This from Thomas Landers (a good guy!) of the Brussels Journal in his OpEd 'Is Geert Wilders On A Suicide Mission?'
'If there is a backlash in public opinion against Wilders, the positions of all who are critical of Islam might be affected and speaking out may become even more difficult than it already is.'
More difficult than it already is? For whom? Salman Rushdie? Ali Hirsi Ani? The Danish cartoonists? The staff of LiveLeak? How much more difficult can it become than having to live your life in a FREE SOCIETY surrounded by a 24-hour security gauntlet under constant threat of violent death?
Perhaps another quote from this same article can shed some illumination on the matter:
'Last week, the Dutch were threatened by the Grand Mufti of Syria. In a speech, which this intolerant enemy of the West was allowed to give at the European (!) Parliament, he said that “Should it come to riots, bloodshed and violence [following the Wilders movie], then Wilders will be responsible.'
Excuse me? Why was this radical Islamist thug masquerading as a 'religious figure' given a platform in the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT? Shouldn't he back home in Syria trying to quell the angry mobs with his erudite religious discourse instead of threatening his hosts with 'riots, bloodshed and violence'? Who let this guy in?
Is this what passes for tolerance and diversity in the EU? It would appear so.
Notice the site name? Notice the warm applause? Does the irony escape you, as it seems to many in the EU promoting this Mad Mufti as a peace broker? More honest takes here from the Brussels Journal and Kleinverzet.
As I witness all this, I can only wonder: is this how it all went down for Vidkun Quisling and the Norwegians in 1940?
Had I been in charge that day I would have dragged that 'Grand Mufti' by his collar, given him the bum's rush out the door and told him to get his fascist ass out of the country and FAST before I threw him in jail for hate speech and incitement to riot. But that's just me. I'm no diplomat.
It also begs the question: just who, EXACTLY, is really on a suicide mission here? Have the European political leadership and their useful idiot cadres in the EU media learned nothing from the lessons of the past? If events continue on this downward spiral of capitulation and appeasement of radical Islam in Europe, will America and whatever free nations remain have to storm the beaches of Fortress Europa yet a third time?
See, I don't blame the jihadis. They are who they are. But the leaders of Europe are supposed to represent their nations, their constituencies and their cultures and stand firm in their defense. To say that they have been derelict in their duties is the Understatement of the Year. But I digress.
I put all this forth as a microcosm of the immense challenges we face in standing up to such repugnant figures as the Grand Mufti and their tools in the West paving the way for the radical Islamic Caliphate of Europe under the banner of 'tolerance and diversity.'
On that note, I give you this quote from Thomas Mann:
'Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.'
So what can WE do to stem this tide of evil disguising itself as tolerance? Some of my more humble recommendations:
Rock the boat. Spread the word far and wide. The world is at your fingertips. Bombard your elected state, local and EU politicians with articles like the ones I have provided here, accompanied by your singular and righteous outrage at such abominations as being threatened with violence from the podium of your own Parliament!
Never underestimate the considerable power of our collective voices. Politicians in Europe, as well as other free and democratic nations, depend on We The People for the political power and cushy well-paying jobs they have become quite comfortable in. Perhaps it is time we gave them the choice of political silver or lead: speak up for US for a change, or practice your treasured principles of 'tolerance and diversity' in some other occupation.
It might also be useful to email such videos as the HAMAS Mickey, along with a few choice words, to Congress, President Bush and his feckless Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who compares the Palestinian problem with the Jim Crow South. Forgive me, Madame Secretary, but I don't remember American blacks of that troubled time in our history plotting the genocide of the white race, suicide- bombing Whites-Only restaurants or poisoning the most impressionable of young minds into carrying on that foul tradition of hate.
Which brings me back once again to HAMAS Mickey. The PA is dependent our good will and generosity to survive both politically and economically. Such aid should not come without strings. For as long as the Palestinians preach peace to us, but war and genocide of the Jews to their people and their children, they do not qualify to join the community of civilized nations, nor reap the rewards and benefits as they sow the whirlwind.
Also, let your voices be heard when leaders like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad call the Israelis 'filth and bacteria' and threaten to 'wipe Israel off the face of the earth.' No matter where you stand on Israel, there is no place for these kind of incendiary public statements from a head of state. If I were UN Secretary General I would be offended beyond measure by those words and would be speaking out against it, instead of ranting against a video I'd never seen as 'un-Islamic' or praising censorship efforts to suppress it. Which begs much larger questions, yes?
Both Winston Churchill and I have read 'Mein Kampf.' The words contained within were not the rantings of a harmless madman but a blueprint for conquest, enslavement, slaughter and genocide that was nearly executed to inhuman perfection.
As Barack Obama is famous for saying, 'Words Matter." Let your words matter too.
The tools and useful idiots of the Western media are as complicit as the above named politicians, if not more so, in twisting stories like the Grand Mufti at the EU Parliament and shoving them down our throats as ''cultural progress.'
In this new Wild West of Internet journalism, they are far more dependent on us than we are on them. The sad irony and saving grace of this Brave New World is that many major stories break on the Web long before they are published in the media, and only when those media organizations are compelled to by the power and reach of a story they would rather suppress or ignore.
Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report became the one-man news empire that he is today because he broke the Monica Lewinsky story after Newsweek had been sitting on it for SIX WEEKS, most likely hoping they would never have to publish it and thereby embarrassing and tarnishing their Knight In Shining Armor, President Bill Clinton.
Sorry, Newsweek and others like the Times, but inquiring minds need to know. When they are caught suppressing stories or twisting them in Orwellian fashion until they're unrecognizable for what they really are, call them on it.
When agencies like AP, Al-Reuters and Agency France Presse give aid and comfort to the enemy by publishing PhotoShopped images or staged casualties as they did without relent in the Israel-Lebanon War in 2006, GIVE THEM HELL!
Like our freedoms of speech and expression , our legal systems are yet another democratic institution radical Islamists are using to bludgeon us into silence with. They don't even need to win. In fact, winning in court isn't even the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to silence and intimidate by fiat and make the whole process so devastating financially to the defendant that he or she becomes an object lesson and cautionary tale for others.
Unfortunately, not only the courts but such Orwellian government agencies as the Alberta Commission on Human Rights, which are in actuality less Human Rights Commissions than Stalinist Show Trials (ref Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant - videos on YouTube) are doing the Islamists' dirty work for them, yet again in the name of 'respect for religious beliefs.'
By the way, Ezra Levant, publisher of the now-defunct Western Standard, was dragged before this Stalinist tribunal for, you guessed it, re-publishing the Danish cartoons in his magazine, based on a complaint by Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada. Fortunately, millions of Canadians, including the Canadian Association of Journalists, spoke out loud and clear on this outrageous persecution of a publisher for exercising his God-given right to free speech as enshrined in the Canadian Constitution.
It begs the question: where would Levant be today if no one had spoken up in his behalf?
Mr. Levant has his own take on the Alberta 'Human Rights Commission' which he posted on his site yesterday (March 31st).
Also, there are some great legal organizations like the Thomas More Law Center which have already raised the standard and taken the fight to the enemy. They deserve your encouragement and support.
Raised voices saved Ezra Levant from the same fate of 'counter-revolutionaries' in Soviet Russia. Burn that into your mind.
It is clear beyond a doubt that the Islamists and their tools in the West have taken the war to us. If we are to remain the free societies for which millions have shed unfathomable oceans of blood and treasure to defend and preserve, it is time to take the fight to them.
When you hear that such brave souls as Ali Hirsi Ani or Salman Rushde are to give a speech or seminar near you, organize your friends and show up to support them in force, and to counter and shout down the radicals whom have also no doubt assembled to raise their own perpetually outraged voices.
When you know radical Muslim organizations are to stage anti-Western rallies near you, organize and counter them in force on the streets. Never fear to use the same freedoms they have no reservation of abusing for the purposes of intimidation.
When the latest Islamist or useful idiot outrage offends every sensibility you have, go to the source and let your righteous anger and indignation be known loud and clear. We are in the fight of our lives, people. For us that may be a figure of speech. For stalwart souls like Hirsi Ani, Rushdie, the Danish cartoonists and Geert Wilders it is a profound reality they live with every day. If we are to keep it from becoming the same profound dark reality for us we must fight back now, before it is too late.
In closing, I give you the famous words of the anti-Nazi Rev. Martin Niemoller, who was imprisoned by Hitler for seven years in the concentration camps at Sachsenhausen and Dachau.
"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist; And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist; And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew; And then they came for me , but by that time there was no one left to speak up."
They are already coming for Geert Wilders, Ali Hirsi Ani, the Danish cartoonists and Salman Rushdie, whom they have been seeking out for two decades now. They have already found Theo van Gogh. It is now high time we came for them and all the willingly ignorant self-subjugating fools who follow at their beck and call.
A suicide mission? Like that of Geert Wilders? Perhaps. But speaking out and acting in force now against the radical jihadi thugs who threaten us, and their tools in the West who justify and equivocate for them, only portends the risk of suicide. Continued inaction by those of us in free societies, in the face of this egregious and intolerable assault on our freedoms and our persons, all but guarantees it. I'm sure that if Theo van Gogh were still alive, he would tell you the same thing.
I'm getting active, people, and far beyond the pages of Digital Journal. The times demand it. Won't you join me in this quest to preserve and defend The Holy Grail Of Freedom before it is ripped violently from our grasp, never to be found again?
Peace. Someday. Regards To All, The Mad King.
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