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article imageChicago Observes Earth Hour

By Can Tran     Mar 29, 2008 in World
Like the other 25 major cities, the city of Chicago, Illinois, had observed what is called “Earth Hour,” a worldwide campaign aimed at educating the masses about the threat of climate change.
For one hour, everybody was encouraged to observe "Earth Hour." It meant that one should turn off electrical power for at least an hour. In the United States, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) led the effort. The WWF had urged everybody to use candlelight for at least one hour. Everybody was urged which included: government buildings, businesses, and individual households.
Sydney, Australia was the first city to observe Earth Hour. In 2007, Earth Hour was created and it had originated from Australia. For Earth Hour, Google has displayed its front page in solid black.
However, a few people have mistaken Earth Hour for Earth Day. Earth Day is on April 22. For those that live in the United States, it also coincides on the day that the next major Democratic primary takes place. One can predict that “going green” will be a hot topic prelude to the Democratic primary. It would definitely fit the mood.
Now, cities across the United States have started to observe Earth Hour. Chicago, Illinois, which is nicknamed as the “Windy City,” is one of those major US cities that is observing Earth Hour.
Chicago’s Earth Hour started on Saturday night after 8 PM. Buildings across Chicago were dimmed down.
The other major US city that will be participating will be San Francisco, located in the state of California. It will be the last city to participate in Earth Hour.
So far, it looks as if the international community is taking an active role in Earth Hour.
I talked to a friend of mine who lives in Chicago. Due to her age, I cannot disclose her name. But, I’ll go by her pseudonym of “Phishy.” I asked Phishy about how Earth Hour was.
However, she was the only one in the household that didn’t do it. Everybody else did. Her computer monitor was still on from what she told me. Phishy also explained to me that her dad was doing church related stuff for Earth Hour.
In an ironic and humorous sense, she was the only one in the household that did not participate in Earth Hour and that she’s the daughter of a pastor. I joked about with her and referred to the new Seven Mortal Sins added by the Vatican. I explained to Phishy that one of those “mortal sins” was environmental pollution.
However, her brother was going completely bonkers. From what Phishy told me, her brother was counting down the minutes in which they could turn the power back on.
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