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OpEd: Will FITNA Be Our Munich Or Our D-Day?

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 29, 2008 in Politics
The UN, the EU and many others have condemned FITNA as 'un-Islamic.' Can any of you remember the last time any of them condemned a film as 'un-Christian' or 'un-Jewish'? Perhaps some not-so-distant history can shed some illumination on the matter.
For those of you who may have been offended at my previous OpEd 'Rioting In Karachi, Death Threats at LiveLeak,' please forgive me for my righteous zeal and anger. Not. Actually, I'm still pretty steamed over this issue, which is much larger than one offensive video. But I will try to be more reasoned and lucid here. On to the subject at hand.
What, you ask, does the overwheming worldwide condemnation of FITNA have to do with Adolf Hitler and Neville Chamberlaine's 1938 tea party at Munich over the corpses of Bohemia and Moravia? Allow me to explain.
After the horrific losses and bloodshed of World War I, sane men of reason and good faith everywhere swore that it would be 'The War To End All Wars.' Ironically, it was the very fear of war which compelled the signatories to the Treaty of Versailles to overlook the egregious military and political violations by Hitler of that same treaty, be it the massive buildup of Naval and Wehrmacht forces well over the treaty's limits or Hitler's unprovoked marching of 100,000 troops into the Rhineland in 1936.
Year after year since Hitler rose to power in 1933, diplomat after diplomat and nation after nation granted Hitler every possible concession in order to avoid war and keep the 'peace.' Yet there was always one more grievance to be addressed, always one more concession to be made, or one more tract of land the hungry Nazi machine hoped to devour, and then all would be peace and light. The leaders of that time hand-fed Hitler every concession as a man might feed a tiger, quickly and hoping they didn't get eaten themselves in the process.
And boy, did Hitler feast! He ate the Rhineland, Austria, the Polish Corridor and the Sudetenland among others. And always, always, preceded by the armies of Brownshirts sent in to said territories in advance to stir things up and give Hitler yet one more bargaining chip: the promise of peace on the streets.
Yet the appetites of such megalomaniacs are never sated. For them, there is only one endgame: total conquest and subjugation or Gotterdammerung. And any means of violence that furthers the goals of their insane ideologies, even genocide, are acceptable and even desirable outcomes.
Now to the Europe of today. Europeans are proud peoples and rightly so. They pulled themselves out of the darkness of the Inquisition and into the Age of Enlightenment from which came many of the artistic treasures and freedoms all we in the West enjoy today. But there is a fatal flaw in the European character, as is revealing itself today. It would seem that the freedoms fought for and codified into law thorugh countless generations of bloodshed and war are once again on the bargaining table, only this time it is not Hitler's Brownshirts but the dark armies of radical Islamist jihadis roaming the streets of Europe, instilling hate in their own communities and terror in those of the natives.
I can smell the the stink of fear emanating from the continent of Europe all the way from across the pond. Millions for condemnation, not a word in defense of Geert Wilders, or Ali Hirsi Ani, or Theo van Gogh, or even Salman Rushdie.
By the way, a plan to stage a play of Salman Rushdie's 'Satanic Verses' in Germany has run headlong into the the same unyielding Islamist wall as Geert Wilders' FITNA and the Danish cartoons. The play is still on, but security has been stepped up because local radical Muslims are 'seething.' When are they not? Fear-inspired Self-censorship 2, Freedom of Speech and Expression 0, Satanic Verses still in play under threat of violence. As it has been for 20 years now.
Here's the link to the story at The Guardian UK:,,2269165,00.html
What's next, I ask you? How many more demands must be met to keep the peace in the streets of Europe, or even in radical Islamic states like Iran who hold us and our freedoms in contempt? The answer? The demands are never-ending. In our political correctness we hopscotch in a minefield and beg those who placed the mines there to 'please help us out.' Yet all we get is more minefields to tap-dance through. It never ends.
I have no grievances against Muslims at all. If they were all like bin Laden we would all be dead by now. That is a stereotype. Fact is, many fled oppressive Islamic governments run by the same type of maniacal jihadis threatening Wilders and the freedoms of the West. How ironic it must be for many of them to find themselves living in the same fear to speak or express themselves in lands they once perceived to be free, because the natives are terrified, too.
By the same token, I hold no grievances whatsoever against the German people, whose cultural contributions to the world are beyond measure and price. But I DO hold grievances against the Nazis who rose from their ranks, hijacked the machinery of that nation's political power, terrified their own citizenry into subjugation and brought us the Bliztkrieg and the Holocaust.
It is time for all good men, especially the moderate Muslims of the West, to speak out against the threats to our freedoms and our dignity by those more than willing to fulfill their threats by the sword, the bullet and the bomb. Freedom means the freedom to offend and be offended. As Christians must suffer the slings and arrows of Piss Christ and Elephant Dung Mary, so Muslims must accept that they too will be offended as part of the price of living in the Free West.
They can choose, as we free peoples do, to watch or not watch a film, or read or not read a book, or see or not see a play that may offend their tender sensibilities. If some Muslims cannot live with that, then they are more than welcome to return to their lands of origin where a slander against Islam means violent death by beheading, stoning or other creative and brutally efficient methods. What they CANNOT be allowed to do is to force their brutal 7th Century oppression and violence onto free societies.
'Do what we tell your or else!" should not be met with compliance but a will of iron. I don't see that happening today. I see fear and terror, the same fear and terror any Jewish inmate of Auschwitz knew: that no matter how hard he tried to please his arbitrary and capricious masters, it would not save him from the gas chamber or the chimney.
To fear for one's security more than you fear the loss of precious freedoms of expression, to placate radicals that can never be placated, is not being politically correct, accomodating or diplomatic. It is cowardice, pure and simple. The same cowardice and lack of fortitude that led to fifty million dead in World War II, when it all could have been stopped dead in its tracks merely by declaring 'Enough! Not an inch more! We will fight you!'
Fitna is the turning point for me. We have two clear courses of action from here on out: continued subjugation and appeasement or firm resistance. Fight or Flight. Munich or D-Day. I have had enough of the threats and promisies of peace if only we will meet the demands of those who offer us nothing in return but the stick of violence and the carrot of subjugation. No longer.Today I stand with the armies of the defiant. Today I stand as comrade-in-arms with Wilders, Ali Hirsi Ani, Salman Rushdie and the Danish cartoonists. Today I stand with freedom. Where do YOU stand?
'He could have chosen dishonor or war. He chose dishonor. He will get war.' - Winston Churchill on Neville Chamberlaine's 'Peace In Our Time' speech, delivered upon his return from Munich.
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