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New Fruit Juice Improves Muscle Performance By 70 per cent

By Angelique van Engelen     Mar 27, 2008 in Sports
New Zealand scientists have created a fruit juice that increases muscle power by up to 70% and delays fatigue. The juice is set to hit the market soon, but sadly it's only going to aid male sportsmen.
A report in the trade journal Chemistry & Industry reveals that lab tests showed that when isolated muscle tissue was exposed to fruit extracts and then given an electrical impulse, muscle power increased by up to 70% and the onset of fatigue was delayed by up to 20%.
Scientists conducted the tests on behalf of the New Zealand fruit company HortResearch. Ordinary sports drinks tend to include synthetic ingredients and sugars designed to boost energy and combat dehydration, but the new energy juice would be made up of fruit compounds which would work by boosting muscle power through the body’s interplay with testosterone.
Overtraining can have a negative impact on the immune system and can affect hormone levels resulting in cortisol levels going up and testosterone levels go down. But the new drink is believed to aid muscle recovery and reinforce immune defences because it optimally produces effects in relation to an increased testosterone level.
disclosure: Angelique van Engelen writes, a blog about micro green issues, macro perspectives.
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