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article imageChurch Deacon Rips Testicle From Rival Football Fan

By Nikki Weingartner     Mar 27, 2008 in Crime
A judge ordered 54-year-old Oklahoma church deacon and government auditor to stand trial on felony assault charges after he nearly castrated Christopher Thomas, 35, back in 2007 for events associated with wearing a rival football T-shirt.
Known as the “Red River Shoot Out”, Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners is an ongoing college football rivalry, indigenous to the two states since 1900 that closes down the streets of downtown Dallas during game weekends and creates a lot of rival crowd activity, with yelling, screaming and unruly behavior all in the spirit of the game.
An incident in June of 2007 that sparked Allen Beckett, a church deacon and OU fan, to rip the scrotum of rival Longhorn fan, Thomas, created quite a fight in itself.
Beckett has been ordered by Special Judge D. Fred Doak to stand trial on aggravated assault and battery charges against Charles Thomas.
Thomas wore a University of Texas Longhorns shirt into an Oklahoma bar, months prior to the famed rival football game when tensions were soaring. The bar was a popular hangout for local Oklahoma Sooners fans and according to the news article, Beckett was said to have immediately taunted Thomas.
In the older article, Beckett’s attorney states:
Sure, he's an OU fan. Not necessarily an overboard die-hard OU fan, but he certainly admits he said something in a joking fashion to the guy about his Texas T-shirt. The guy got offended. He said he was sorry
What happened between the taunting and the ripping of the scrotum is to be decided by the courts.
According to yesterday's report, Thomas states that after being at a table in the bar for around twenty minutes, he decided to leave and when he got up to pay his bar tab is when Beckett attacked him.
Thomas explained the event in a panic, as he heard a “popping” noise, and then saw a lot of blood, a tear in his scrotum and an exposed testicle from where Beckett had grabbed him.
Beckett’s attorney claims that his client reacted in “self-defense” to a verbal threat.
The guy came over his other shoulder, and basically said, 'I'm getting ready to kick your you-know-what.' He said he felt threatened and he did what he thought he needed to do and grabbed him and left the bar,
No permanent damage was done to Thomas’ testicle, although he did have sixty stitches in the delicate area.
If convicted, Beckett faces up to five years in the State Penitentiary under Oklahoma Penal Code 21-646.
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