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Hemimelia and Its Relationship with Socialized Medicine

By Gar Swaffar     Mar 25, 2008 in Health
In Britain the disease hemimelia is a sentence of disfugurement, and living a life which will be much less than it shuld be for the children who are born with the disease. For one child it's real today.
Cavan Kirkham-MacCallum who is now seven months old is one of those individuals which will not be well served by the British Socialized Health care system. Himimeia is rare disorder which causes certain bones to not grow or to simply not develop at all.
In Britain the diagnosis means only amputation of the affected limbs. If the baby is to have limb reconstruction he must come to the United States for it. The procedures required for the operations are simply not available in Britain.
The limb reconstruction will require at least eight years and be very costly for the parents.
The choices given to the parents are difficult and will be life changing irrespective of the final decision.
The mother, Bernadette is in process of beginning an online support group at the social networking site Facebook.
Online support groups are a simple way to provide for the needs of those who live in vastly disparate areas.
In many aspects of our lives the Federal Government must be involved, National Defence, interstate regulations, federal oversight of projects which cross state or multi state boundaries etc. etc..
Medicine though seems not be an area where the aggregation of power to make all decisions is appropriate. The federal or socialized health care system in Britain has the power to decide which procedures should be funded, which research programs are worthwhile, who should be served and who should be left to their fate.
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