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Why Is There So Little Embedded Newspaper Content On The Web?

By Angelique van Engelen     Mar 23, 2008 in Internet
The established media is not participating in the bonanza of online audience-dominated tools to the extent that everyone that has only a vague idea of brand loyalty would expect.
There are many theories about why this is; newspapers live in the false supposition that they are selfsustained news entities, most people say.
The physical papers themselves don’t come with clickable links. It’s why the rise of ‘links journalism’ is something that’s only becoming a firm trend now. If it had been on every newspaper’s agenda ten years ago we’d witness a different press now, likely.
You can single out many more reasons why newspapers are behind on online media. Truth of the matter is that it’s not often that you see newspaper content syndication deals that are any good. Google’s news distribution on Facebook will no doubt set a trend, but hey it’s taken too long for such an obvious development to materialize. Embeddable content is rising the pan out but where are the newspapers?
It can’t be the lack of programming skills. Tools are very simple. Anil Dash who writes, a blog about making culture, says that embedded objects that find their way into other blogs’ content should be more prevalent. He himself recently created a blog post which he then offered partially embeddable on other people's blogs - by making a YouTube like code snippet.
View the effort here to see what you make of it.
Disclosure: Angelique van Engelen writes, a blog about Twitter and Journalism.
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