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article imageJumping eagle ray kills boater in Florida

By Owen Weldon     Mar 20, 2008 in World
A woman was stabbed by an eagle ray's barb when it decided to leap onto a boat off the Florida Keys on Thursday. The woman was knocked off the deck and she was killed due to the wound.
On Thursday an eagle ray leaped onto a a boat off of the Florida Keys and stabbed a woman with its barb which killed the woman.
Jorge Pino, an agent with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said that it was a bizarre accident and the woman was aboard a boat in the Atlantic ocean, off the city of Marathon in the Florida Keys.
Pino said that the large ray jumped out of the water and collided with the victim and the barb penetrated some part of her body and she fall back and hit her head on some portion of the boat. It is not known which of these things killed her.
The local media said the ray's barb impaled the woman through the neck.
According to the Florida Museum of Natural History the eagle ray are very common in warm or tropical waters and often seen near coral reefs. The rays can grow more than 8 feet across and have two to six venomous barbs near the base of their whip-like tails.
The rays are usually shy of humans but they do swim near the water's surface and can leap out, especially when they are pursued.
In another accident Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, was killed by a stingray's barb when it pierced his heart. He was filming underwater on Australia's Great Barrier Reef in 2006 when the incident took place.
That must have been very scary. The poor woman was probably enjoying herself and having fun and than from out of nowhere an eagle ray leaps onto the boat. I can't even imagine how scared I would be.
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