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Teen Takes Stand Against Her Teacher Who Was Charged With Felony

By Nikki Weingartner     Mar 20, 2008 in Crime
An 18-year-old girl high school graduate took the stand yesterday against her former track coach and Bible teacher, Michael Floyd. She described in detail how he violated her while she was his student during the 2005-2006 school year.
Chance Welch, an 18-year-old graduate of Graford High School in Palo Pinto Country, Texas, a tiny town in the northern part of the state, took the stand yesterday in the trial of coach Michael Craig Floyd.
Floyd appeared calm as the young woman made testimony towards his having an inappropriate relationship as a educator with her while Welch was a student.
The panel of seven women and five male jurors listened as the young woman described her "strict", yet loving home life as well as a social life that was exclusive of church and athletics. Her step-dad was the pastor of the church where she was allowed to socialized.
In opening statements, District Attorney Mike Burns had explained to the jurors how
he anticipated evidence to show Floyd used authority, manipulation and abuse of trust to get close to the alleged victim.
Chance described how she was the only student attending the school's Bible class during the first semester, of which Floyd was the courses teacher. This provided her with a lot of one - on - one instruction. According to the news article, she stated that:
“It made me feel very good because for once someone was agreeing,” she said. “We talked a lot, just about anything and everything. … I started trusting him quite a bit.”
Chance continued her testimony, telling of what she perceived to be innocent hugs between a teacher and student, that led into him rubbing her leg in an uncomfortable manner. She spoke of phone calls between them that were more like phone conversations between friends, in which they discussed sports.
She stated that the contact escalated to kissing, and then onto grabbing her bottom, breasts and sliding his hands down her pants.
“He asked if I wanted something to remember him by,” she stated. According to her testimony in court, the alleged victim said Floyd pulled down her pants and performed oral sex on her; “it only lasted a couple of minutes,” she added.
Chance stated in testimony that she pulled away from Floyd after that incident, deciding to tell somebody so that he didn't do it to someone else.
In cross-examination, the defense attorney tried to discredit the teenager, who would have been between 15 and 16-years-old at the time of the allegations, as being
“This case, if I had to categorize it … is teenage fantasy. This young lady had some significant emotional problems. …
He also asked her if there were eyewitnesses to any of her allegations, to which there were not.
The charge against Floyd is a second degree Felony, if convicted, carries with it a maximum sentence of twenty years imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000 USD.
According to the Texas Association of School Boards Definitions:
Sexual Harassment is any behavior, both wanted or unwanted, by a district employee with a student. It includes physical, verbal and nonverbal conduct or other conduct, if it meets certain criteria. It is also considered any conduct that is considered intimidating and considered objectively offensive, in the form of of touching, jokes, intimidation, etc.
Sexual Violence is any sexual behavior with a minor.
When it comes to "alleged" and victims, once again, it is amazing to see the very difficult decision for these victims to come forward so easily dismissed by words such as witnesses and pasts.
This former Bible teacher and coach will have some repenting of his own to do if found guilty.
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