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article imageAfter 5 Years, Many Iraqis Still Lack Access To Clean Water and Healthcare

By Can Tran     Mar 16, 2008 in World
According to the International Red Cross, it is reported that despite progress being made in Iraq, there are still many Iraqis that do not have access to the basic needs such as health care and clean water.
After 5 years since the United States-led invasion of Iraq with overthrew the regime of then-dictator Saddam Hussein back in 2003, it is still up for debate on what progress has been made in regards to Iraq’s reconstruction. According to the International Red Cross, the situation in Iraq is one of the most devastating in the world as it rivals humanitarian situations taking place throughout Africa.
Hospitals throughout Iraq are at a severe disadvantage as they lack the needed drugs and qualified staff. Due to low wages, many cannot go to the private clinics. It is estimated at in a result of the violence; many of those in the medical field were either killed or kidnapped. Many more that were not killed or kidnapped ended up fleeing the country to escape the violence.
As a result, Iraq is in much need of medical staff and medicine.
Other worries include the lack of clean water and proper sanitation.
In a related incident, Kellogg Brown & Root(KBR), which used to be part of the company known as Halliburton was named in the Pentagon’s recent report in regards to failing to maintain standards for safe drinking water.
US troops deployed in Iraq have been suffering numerous illnesses in connection with the unsafe drinking water such as: cellulitis, various skin infections, and diarrhea.
Recently, two United States Senators have called for a congressional inquiry into Iraq’s oil revenues to see if that can be used to pick up the remainder of the costs of reconstruction. Most of the reconstruction has come from American taxpayer dollars.
According to a new book by Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz, Iraq could cost at least $12 billion a month.
Another Pentagon report cites that one the biggest reason reconstruction is hurting is due to government corruption.
In a sense, these issues could be linked as to why the Iraqis lack their basic needs such as sanitation, clean water, and health care.
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