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Young Guantanamo prisoner says "I'm a human being"

By Owen Weldon     Mar 12, 2008 in World
On Wednesday Mohammed Jawad, a young Guantanamo bay prisoner who is accused of a crime, called the Guantanamo war court illegal and unfair and then refused to participate in the trial any further.
Jawad is accused of throwing a grenade that injured two U.S. soldiers and their translator in Afghanistan and Jawad called the Guantanamo war court Illegal and unfair.
Jawad claims that he has not violated any law and he also claims that he has been tortured while at the prison. He is facing charges of attempted murder and causing great bodily injury.
Outside the regular military and civilian court system, Guantanamo tribunals are the first U.S. war tribunals since world war two.
Jawad, who said he was 16 when captured in Afghanistan in December 2002, was carried to his hearing after he refused to leave his cell to attend. Jawad ended up walking into the courtroom on his own with his hands cuffed, legs shackled and guards on either side.
Jawad was allowed to speak without interruption and he even made comparisons between U.S. forces to the Taliban government that imprisoned and killed people without trial.
The Judge, Marine Col. Ralph Kohlmann, said that the trial would resume and move forward with or without Jawad present and urged Jawad to accept a U.S. military lawyer who would argue hi position that his treatment violated International and U.S. law.
Jawad still refused to have a military or civilian lawyer and the judge agreed to revisit the issue and delayed entering a plea. Jawad told the judge that he has a permanent headache because of the many years of harsh prison lighting.
In December 2002 Jawad allegedly threw a grenade into a U.S. military jeep at a bazaar in Kabul and the explosion injured Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael Lyons, Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Martin and their Afghan interpreter, Assadullah Khan Omerk.
According to a military lawyer that had been appointed to defend Jawad, the injured soldiers told investigators that they did not see who threw the grenadine but an Afghan policeman identified Jawad as the culprit.
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