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article image50 people go blind looking for vision of Mary in the Sun

By Chris V. Thangham     Mar 12, 2008 in Crime
After hearing a rumor about a vision of the Virgin Mary being in the sun, more than 50 people stared into it causing them to go blind. A local hospital in India has reported taking in about 48 people with burned retinas since last week.
One hotel owner in India claimed to have seen the Vision of Mary in the sky and promised others they too would be able to see it from where he used to live. Many people believed the man and flocked to his house in Kottayam, India to see the Virgin Mary in the sun.
After peering into the sun, one hospital near the area toldthe Daily Telegraph about 48 people with burned retinas had been admitted since last week.
The health department has put a sign at the hotelier’s house where the divine image is said to have appeared, warning people not to expose their eyes to sunlight.
The local churches have also warned their congregations that looking at the Sun will blind them, saying the vision of Mary was just a rumor.
Before moving out, the hotel owner also claimed to have statues of the Virgin Mary that cried honey and bled oils and perfumes.
The house is perched in a small mountain and the locals have christened it “Rosa Mystica Mountain” ever since they heard the rumors.
Dr. James Isaac, one of the doctors inspecting the patients told "The patients show varying degrees of severity. They are mostly girls in 12-26 age group. Our youngest patient is 12 and the oldest 60. Most of them were looking at the sun between 2 and 4 pm, when UV1 and UV2 rays are harshest."
He said most patients have a chance to regain their vision but there may be long-term consequences on the retina.
No wonder the ancient sages say “ignorance is blind”.
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