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article imageCould Gov. Bobby Jindal Be The GOP's Answer To Sen. Barack Obama?

By Can Tran     Mar 9, 2008 in Politics
While Republican governor Bobby Jindal who is only 36 years old is the first Indian-American to govern a US state, it looks as if his star has continued to shine. Jindal looks to be a rising star of the GOP.
It would look as if Governor Bobby Jindal, R-Louisiana, could possibly walk the same path as US Democratic co-frontrunner Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. He and Obama share many similarities with one another. Barack Obama is the some of a Kenyan immigrant while Bobby Jindal is the son of Punjabi immigrants.
When Barack Obama was elected into the United States Senate back in 2004, it was said that he could be the first black president of the United States. Now, Obama has made it to frontrunner status in the Democratic race.
He could be considered the youngest US president if he beats Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination and then beat GOP nominee Senator John McCain.
Currently, Bobby Jindal is the youngest current governor in the United States. On another note, Jindal is the first governor of Louisiana that is non-white. Kathleen Blanco the incumbent Democratic governor did not seek reelection.
A few weeks after taking office, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh was thrown Jindal’s name as a possible VP candidate for McCain. There is a strong possibility that Jindal could make a presidential bid in the future.
Still, Jindal is a social conservative. His support has been built upon both Christian conservatives and middle-class whites. Regardless, Jindal has won respect from blacks, liberals, and other Democrats. Jindal’s approach to ethics reform has won him that kind of respect.
Bobby Jindal is striking a chord with Democrats. They’re saying, ‘I love Bobby Jindal and I am so glad he’s our governor,” according to Cheron Brylski, Democratic media consultant.
In a sense, Bobby Jindal is similar to Barack Obama. At the same time, he is different. Barack Obama has appealed to both independents and moderate Republicans. In that respect, Bobby Jindal could possibly appeal to independents; but, it has been revealed that he is appealing to liberals as well.
Currently, Jindal is focused on increasing the quality of life in Louisiana. He has also focused on improving the state government’s infrastructure, cutting taxes for businesses in the state, and increasing both protection from hurricanes and coastal restoration.
“We must focus on our most fundamental priority … to make Louisiana a place of opportunity for our children so they don’t have to leave the state to find a job, make a great career, and pursue their dreams,” Jindal said.
Like Barack Obama, it looks as if Bobby Jindal is bringing the similar youth and energy.
One question remains: Could Bobby Jindal be the GOP’s answer to Barack Obama?
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