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article imageStudy: Testosterone makes men happier, improves health

By Paul Wallis     Mar 4, 2008 in Health
It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to most men: testosterone is a key link in depression among men. Testosterone levels can be lowered by disease, and that can contribute to depression.
The study was conducted by the University of Western Australia.
Interestingly, there’s now talk of hormone replacement therapy for men, and this study has added some fuel to the debate. Older men’s health is notably affected by testosterone levels, and most people would know that some older men aren’t exactly the most cheerful people around.
The Daily Telegraph:
Low testosterone put older men at significant risk of depression, according to the Australian research, which recommends those with abnormal levels consider getting injections of the sex hormone.
A study of almost 4,000 elderly men has drawn the strongest link ever between low testosterone and mood.
Researchers at the University of Western Australia tracked levels of both in men aged 70-plus and found those with the lowest testosterone were three times more likely to suffer depression than those with the highest levels.
So far findings indicate that some older men, about 20%, would benefit from testosterone injections.
At which point a word of warning for the older guys:
If you spent a day or so attacking yourself with a claw hammer, you’d be a lot safer than if you tried do it yourself hormone treatments.
With the hammer injuries, they’d know how to treat them.
Mess up the hormones, and you’re in real trouble, with possible permanent effects not only on yourself but on others. There are reports of murders, assaults, and at least one carcinogenic effect.
Wouldn't help the depression much, either.
Hormones are not to be messed with.
Ironic to think of testosterone as a “happy drug” for all the old grumps, though.
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