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article imagePoor Henry Hoover, the Violated Vacuum

By Carolyn E. Price     Mar 3, 2008 in Lifestyle
In case you don't know this, a "Henry Hoover" is a vacuum cleaner manufactured by Numatic International, and it is described as being "famous for its looks, but under its fascia lies a powerful, reliable vacuum cleaner ready to go time and time again" ...
The Henry Hoover vacuum is bright red in color and has a happy face stamped on it with the hose protruding from its nose.
I don't know if this particular Henry really wanted to be known as the "time and time" again go-to guy, after it was utilized for what is being described as a "compromising act" by a Polish building contractor in England.
The contractor is claiming that he was just cleaning his underpants with poor old Henry, and on top of that, he is claiming that the practice of underpants cleaning with a vacuum is quite a common one in his native land of Poland. Confirmation of this somewhat startling revelation has yet to be fact checked, but when it is, believe me, I'll be right on top of it.
A horrified security guard, who stumbled upon the man down on his knees in a hospital staff lunchroom, told him to "clean himself and the hoover" up. It is being reported in the Telegraph that the security guard then asked the contractor to leave the premises. The contractor was on the site because he was supposed to be locking up the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital where he was working for his company, refurbishing their administration offices.
After recovering from the shock of finding the man who was well, vacuuming his pole, the security guard told his bosses about the indecent incident, and they in turn informed the vulgar vacuum violators employer, HG Construction about their employee's befouling behavior. HG Construction had the following to say about the hard-core happenstance: "That behaviour is not acceptable, though it gave a few people a laugh". An insider told The Sun: “The guard who found him said he was groaning louder than the hoover.
HG Construction has fired the unnamed contractor, and it is not known if an appropriate therapist has been found for poor Henry.
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